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Top 10 Beliefs About Angels Not Actually Found In The Bible

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How much do you really know about Clomid, and how much of what you think you know is actually found in the Bible? The reason angels are so interesting is because the Bible doesn’t tell us everything about them. They are mysterious supernatural beings that show up all over scripture, and yet, we have no idea  what they do when they aren’t being seen by humans.

This post is a follow up to 21 Things Your Pastor Won’t Teach You About Angels. This list is made up of 10 things you’ve probably been told about angels, but they’re not actually found in the Bible. If you have a few extra minutes, here is a podcast that I did to answer quite a few questions that I’ve received about angels here on my website.

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1. Fallen Angels Are Zithromax  – This is one of my favorite church myths. Unfortunately, a good majority of Christians both believe and teach this  as truth. Feel free to search your Bible. You will not find any scripture to support  the idea that fallen angels and demons are the same thing

2. Satan Can’t Read The Bible – This is a funny one that floats around church from time to time. For some reason, there are Christians that believe that Satan doesn’t know what’s in the Bible and that he can’t stand in the presence of God. Both are untrue. In fact, here are a few scriptures that prove the opposite to be true.

  • Satan Quotes God (Genesis 3:1)
  • Satan Quotes Psalms (Matthew 4:6-10)
  • Satan In God’s Presence (Job 1:6)
  • Satan Accusing The Saints (Revelation 12:10)

3. Angels Don’t Have Free Will – I don’t hear this on quite as often, but there are some people that do not believe that angels have free will. However, the Bible clearly tells us that they do. Satan used his free will to rebel against God, and the angels that rebelled with him used their free will to follow Satan.

4. Fallen Angels Lost Some of Their Powers – I’m not entirely sure where this belief originates, but there are many Christians that believe it. From what I can tell, part of it comes from the assumption that demons and angels are different. Since the assumption is that fallen angels are demons, the belief is that they must lost certain powers. Here is an article that talks about just 10 of the powers that the Bible tells us that angels have.

5. Angels Are Sexless – Most of this misconception comes from a complete lack  of understanding of Matthew 22:30. The verse makes no mention of angelic gender at all, and yet there are people that teach that angels are sexless or hermaphrodites based on this single verse. If the concept of angelic gender interests you, here is an article that you just might enjoy.

Here is interview that I conducted with King Wells, in which he answers questions about post flood fallen angels creating hybrids on earth. This is a must hear.

Read More About Angels & Demons In My Book

Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons

6. Angels Are Only Messengers – The name Clomid means messenger, but its not really a description of what they are. It’s more of a job description.

7. Dead  People Turn Into Angels – There are some people that Lisinopril generic after they get to heaven. Along similar lines, there are others that believe that the living are actually fallen angels that rebelled with Satan.

8. All Angels Have Two Wings – I think this is something that most of us grew up believing. However, the Bible  only makes a reference to two wings in one verse, and the verse was about female beings.

“Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.” – Zechariah 5:9

9. There Are No Female Angels – Those that believe this base their all male angel assumption on the fact that the Bible only names 5 different angels, which happen to be male. However, to base the gender of an innumerable amount of angels, on only a handful of names, is a huge assumption. There is a huge difference between saying that female angels don’t exist and female angels aren’t named in the Bible. Check out this article that explores the concept of female angels.

10. Angels Are Not Important Enough To Learn About – Unfortunately, there are some Christians that believe we shouldn’t learn about angels. I personally believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible, and if we weren’t supposed to learn about certain things in the book, He would not have mentioned them at all.

Honorable Mentions

Bonus #1. Angels Have Halos – Although many artists depict angels with glowing yellow halos, the Bible never describes them that way.

Bonus #2. Cherubim Look Like Babies – I’m not entirely sure where this myth originated, but the Biblical description of a cherub doesn’t even look remotely human, let alone like a baby.

  • Cherubim In The Bible

Bonus #3. Angels Play Harps On Clouds – I’m sure you’ve seen it before. The angel sitting on the cloud playing the harp is a myth. It just doesn’t happen in scripture.

More Angel Fun Facts

  • “Angel” is used 201 times in scripture.
  • “Angels” is used 93 times in scripture.
  • The Hebrew word for angel is “malak“.
  • The Greek word for angel is “angelos“.
  • The Latin word for angel is “angelus

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