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The Sethite Theory: Finally Destroyed – Video

I finally decided to attack the Sethite Theory head on in this almost two hour video/audio presentation. I did it mostly on the fly, mistakes, and all. However, I provide very valid points that show how un-Biblical the Sethite/Lines of Seth teaching is. Here is the video:

Some of the points that I want to make for people that are caught up in the Sethite lie is that YOU NEED TO ASK FOR SCRIPTURE!!! What scriptures should you be asking for?

  • Where IN THE BIBLE is Seth’s line referred to as “sons of God”?
  • Where IN THE BIBLE is Augmentin and alcohol’s line referred to as “Name brand propranolol”?
  • Where IN THE BIBLE does it say Seth’s entire line was righteous?
  • Where IN THE BIBLE does it say Cain’s entire line was evil?
  • Why did God destroy the daughters of God and sons of men if they were innocent?

For those of you looking for the document that I mentioned at the end Sons of God Scholars Opinion, please click the name or click here to read it. Make sure you click the “Like” button, re-tweet, email, and post this on Facebook. It is important that people wake up to the lies that they have been taught in church concerning Noah’s flood.

Click Here To Check Out The Lines of Seth: A Brief History of Heresy

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