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The 15 Types of Spirits In The Bible – Angels, Demons, and More

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There are 15 types of spirits in the Bible, and this podcast takes a look at each one. For those of you that have read Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons, you will recognize some of the content. For those of you that don’t own it, but want more information on spirits in the Bible, you can grab it on Amazon.

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Listener Question

“Dear Minister Fortson,

Hi I just wanted to ask you another question who do you think is “The Angel of the Lord?” Why in some verses does he allow people to worship him? Well I hope you can answer this one. Thanks.” – Amanda

Show Notes On Spirits In The Bible

  1. Spirit of God (Genesis 1:2) – In the opening verses of Genesis we see the Spirit of God moving over the face of the water. Many people believe that this is who we refer to as the Holy Spirit.
  2. Living Spirits (1 Corinthians 15:45) – During the six days of creation, God breathed a spirit into the being which He formed. This being came to be called mankind.
  3. Life Giving Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45) – Besides God, this is the only spirit to be referred to as a life giving spirit. We know Him as Jesus/Yeshua.
  4. Ministering Spirits (Hebrews 1:14) – Angels, demons, and humans can all fall into this category. Ministering spirits testify to human beings that Christ is the Son of God. We see angels and the prophets doing this all throughout scripture, but the demons do this as well (Matthew 8:29 and Acts 16:17).
  5. Animal Spirits (Ecclesiastes 3:21) – This is the first and only place in the Bible that speaks of animals having a spirit.
  6. Evil Spirits (Luke 7:21) – This description is usually a reference to demons. We will cover this type of spirit more in depth later.
  7. Fire Spirits (Psalm 104:4) – This is the first time in the Bible that angels are referred to as fire/flaming spirits. There are two very similar beliefs in fire spirits from other cultures. The Cherokee worshiped the creator Yahowah as the Elder Fires. They believe that he is three, yet they worship him as one. In Islamic belief, the Djinn are considered to be spirits of smokeless fire similar to evil angels in the Bible.
  8. Familiar Spirits (Leviticus 19:31) – These are the spirits that are consulted by witches and psychics.
  9. Spirits of The Heavens (Zechariah 6:5) – These are the chariots (red, black, white, pale green) that Zechariah sees during his vision.
  10. Unclean Spirits (Matthew 10:1) – This term is usually used in reference to demons. We will look at this phrase more in depth later.
  11. Seducing Spirits (1 Timothy 4:1) – These are the kind of spirits that are prophesied to mislead people not strongly grounded in their faith during the end of the age.
  12. Lying Spirits (1 Kings 22:22) – This type of spirit is mentioned when God asks for volunteers to mislead the false prophets.
  13. Father of Spirits (Hebrews 12:9) – The reason that God is referred to as the Father of Spirits is pretty self explanatory.
  14. Imprisoned Spirits (1 Peter 3:19) – Many researchers believe that this is a reference to the angels that sinned in Genesis 6. While the Bible does not contain details to this event, they are described in depth in the book of Enoch.
  15. Female Spirits (Zechariah 5:9) – This is one of two places that mention female supernatural beings. The second one is highly controversial, and will be addressed later.

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  • warren

    I find your teachings interesting, many of the things you speak about are some of the things I have discovered over the years from simply reading what the Bible says.
    There are some articles I have written which might be of some use to you. They deal with some of the things you speak about but from a different angle.
    They are too large to be placed in this box, if you are interested I could email them to you.

    Regards Warren Eggleton
    Sydney Australia

    • Minister Fortson

      Thanks. Put them online and send a link. I tend not to read PDFs all the way through. Not sure why, but I never finish reading content that way.

  • Border Patron

    Do angels and spirits take human form? i.e. are indistinguishable from the humans we come across on a daily basis?

    If so, do these angels and spirits know what they are? Or do they think they are just normal humans like the rest of us?

    Did they choose to come up in a certain upbringing and come across certain people?

    • Minister Fortson

      They can take human form, as they do all throughout the Bible.

      They are spirits, so yes they know exactly who they are. They are not humans and humans do not become angels or demons.

      Don’t fall for the lie that fallen angels are people that forgot they were angels. There’s absolutely no scriptural backing to that belief.

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