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Alternative Facts: Lies Wrapped In Truth’s Clothing

Alternative Facts: Lies Wrapped In Truth’s Clothing

I thought Trump was a Christian? In his OWN WORDS (notice how he tries to dodge the question)... he has NEVER asked God for forgiveness, and goes on to say that he doesn't even bring God into it... if Obama had said those words, we know exactly what every watchmen on the planet would be saying... "see I told you he was a Muslim"... but Trump isn't held to the same standard? Clearly Trump does not know what a Christian is or that repentance is necessary to be one. The watchmen either haven't seen this video because they don't want to see this video... Or the watchmen have seen this video and are choosing not to share it, but either way, I'm calling them out. The so called "watchmen" are really becoming a joke... not a "ha ha funny" type joke, but a "wow I can't be...

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