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Tag: Trump Bombed Syria Over Lies

Donald Trump May Have Bombed Syria Over…. Fake News!!!

Donald Trump May Have Bombed Syria Over…. Fake News!!!

Less than 100 days into what is turning out to be the most incompetent and disastrous presidency in history, it turns out that Donald Trump may once again have been duped by fake news. I first proposed proposed this theory after the Syria bombing, and the evidence is quickly pointing in that direction. Let's look at what we know so far: Ivanka's emotions influenced Trump to bomb Syria. We know this because her brother and Trump's son Eric told us that is exactly what happened. So it looks like WWIII was almost started by an over emotional little girl that's completely unqualified to make military decisions (source). Conspiracy websites and Putin immediately dubbed the gassing in Syria a false flag (source). Reports began circulating that the White Helmets helped ...

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