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Rapha: Post Flood Nephilim Giants In The Old Testament

Rapha: Post Flood Nephilim Giants In The Old Testament

Nephilim Giants
Why did entire tribes of nephilim giants (Rapha) suddenly spring up after the flood? The very presence of giants in the Bible should make us take a second look at  what we refer to mythology, and a closer look at what we call history. Archaeology is rife with evidence that points to the reality of giants. According to scripture, there was a  concentration of Giants within the ancient borders of Israel, that had to be  dealt with before they could possess the  land. It was in part, due to these giants, that Moses didn’t take  the Promise Land when he had the chance, that Saul lost his throne, that David became king, and that David’s men became legendary warriors for Israel. Disclaimer: The following information is not assembled in chronological order. It is assembled i

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