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Did Nimrod Become A Nephilim Giant?

Did Nimrod Become A Nephilim Giant?

Nephilim Giants
There are some that believe that Nimrod may have somehow attempted to turn himself into or successfully turned himself into a nephilim, based on the phrase “began to be a mighty one”. There are several reasons I do not believe that this was what happened, but before we get into that, I want to share this email I received. “Minister Fortson, Thank you for the time and effort at informing the churched masses of these very controversial truths. I am curious about Nimrod, do you think that he somehow was attempting thru some sort of genetic “mysticism” to become a nephilim? I recently watched an excellent you tube series on the high-tech society before the flood which seems to indicate that mankind had become very high-tech prior to the flood which would certainly back t

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