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Minister Is Back Online – Bigger and Better Than Ever

Minister Is Back Online – Bigger and Better Than Ever

If you've been missing all of the awesome content here at Minister, the wait is finally over. About 12 days ago, some scumbag attacked the site and it went down. Thankfully, the site was attacked again while I was on the phone with the security department at my hosting company. They were able to trace the IP address as it happened. Hopefully they pursue charges as they said they would. Here's What's New Check out the Home Page. It has a new layout and displays lots more content. Check out the sidebars. They will differ by where you are on the site and by topic. The Red Pill. Rabbit Holes The Red Pill This small scene from The Matrix has come to symbolize the "waking up" of a person. Taking (clicking) a red pill is optional, so don't do it unle...

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