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What Does The Word Hypocrite Really Mean?

What Does The Word Hypocrite Really Mean?

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Even before I became a Minister, I had issues with people who assumed that Preachers are supposed to act a certain way, based upon public misconception. There seems to be an expectation of perfection when it comes to people who do God’s work, as if the laws of nature no longer apply to us. People tend to forget that we are people too, and we are far from perfect, although many Preachers would like to portray their “perfect” lifestyle. I put “perfect” in quotation marks because its just an act for the most part. Jesus was the only sinless man to walk this earth. We all have a past, and our past is what brings us to the point we are at now. Most people don’t know what a hypocrite truly is, but there are quite a few hypocrites that hold the office of Preacher. Most peop

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