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Cain: Son of Adam or Son of Satan?

Cain: Son of Adam or Son of Satan?

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Was Cain the son of Adam as stated in scripture, or was he the son of Satan as stated by the Targum of Pseudo Jonathan (False Jonathan)? Serpent Seed or Seedline theory is a growing belief among Christians, but is there any truth to the claims that Adam was not the actual father of Cain? Today’s study was inspired by a question that I received from a reader: “Minister Fortson, Have you or anyone ever noticed that in Gen 4 where it gives the lineage of Cain, that it NEVER says that any of them died, but in contrast, in Gen. 5 where it gives the lineage of Adam/Seth it states EVERY time that they DIED? Can you explain this?” – M. Rivers The Descendants of Cain Let’s start from the beginning of the chapter (Genesis 4:1) because that is where we are going to find the answe

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