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Fornication vs. Sex Before Marriage

Fornication vs. Sex Before Marriage

Sex & Sexuality
Sometimes it’s good to revisit old myths about the Bible. Many people unknowingly teach wrong things about the Bible, even though they may be very sincere. I’ve written about this topic before in my post, The Truth About Shacking Up. It is true that the English word fornication means “sex before marriage”. However, the Bible was not written in English. Both the Hebrew and Greek words have a much deeper and much more profound meaning. Hebrew – zanah (play the prostitute) Greek – porneia (fornication, immorality) Latin – fornix (vaulted archway, cellar) I talked about the significance of these words in the previous post so I won’t go over it again this time. However, I will point out that vaulted archways and cellars are where prostitutes hung out in Rome. The rea

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