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Can Aliens, UFOs, Christianity, and The Bible Coexist?

Can Aliens, UFOs, Christianity, and The Bible Coexist?

Aliens & UFOs In The Bible
MSNBC seems to be spreading lies about what some Christians really believe. This is my rebuttal to the MSNBC article “If intelligent extraterrestrials exist, what about God?” You can read their original article at the following website (Thanks Kyle for sharing the link): Click Here To Read The Article There are many assumptions made in the article and the media’s refusal to talk to any Christians that are actually researching what is going on, is evidence that they are more interested in attacking and trying to discredit what we ACTUALLY believe vs. trying to understand what we ACTUALLY believe. “Experts say encountering E.T. would pose religious dilemmas, especially for Christians” – MSNBC Let me start by saying that these so called “experts” don’t know a

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