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The Top 25: Dungeons and Dragons Facts For Christians

The Top 25: Dungeons and Dragons Facts For Christians

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Can playing Dungeons & Dragons expose you to demonic possession? Does it really teach people to worship the Devil? Lets separate the facts from the fiction and discuss this often misunderstood topic in depth. Is the tract Dark Dungeons a realistic portrayal of the game? In this article: We’re going to address 25 very real concerns about Dungeons & Dragons. We’re going to examine the tract Dark Dungeons published by We’re going to address two articles on the subject, written by Bill Schnoebelen. If you’re a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, friend, or whatever, it is important to know exactly what you’re talking about, so you sound informed when talking to people about the game. Feel free to use this article as a quick reference guide to st
Shacking Up and Fornication – Final Thoughts

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I figured I’d share my final thoughts on the issue. I’ve taken a lot of criticism for challenging the accepted church tradition of the word meaning “sex before marriage”, but I continued to explore the Bible to find the ACTUAL meaning behind the word. I looked at the Hebrew, the Greek, and the root of the English word, the Latin language. All of these languages played a role in the translation of the King James Bible into English. Please keep in mind that this entire study has been a progression of thought and not one single conclusive argument. If you want to read any of the previous studies you can find them below: The Truth About Shacking Up Fornication vs. Sex Before Marriage Sexual Situations According To The Bible In this final post on the subject