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Minister Is Back Online – Bigger and Better Than Ever

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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If you’ve been missing all of the awesome content here at Minister, the wait is finally over. About 12 days ago, some scumbag attacked the site and it went down. Thankfully, the site was attacked again while I was on the phone with the security department at my hosting company. They were able to trace the IP address as it happened. Hopefully they pursue charges as they said they would.

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Here’s What’s New

  1. Check out the Home Page. It has a new layout and displays lots more content.
  2. Check out the sidebars. They will differ by where you are on the site and by topic.
  3. The Red Pill.
  4. Rabbit Holes

The Red Pill

This small scene from The Matrix has come to symbolize the “waking up” of a person. Taking (clicking) a red pill is optional, so don’t do it unless you’re ready to have some of your beliefs challenged at their core. As Morpheus indicates in The Matrix, they never free a mind once it’s past a certain age because it will fight to defend it’s reality.

I promise you that taking a red pill will make you fight to hold onto what you believe. Some of the information is hard to come to terms with, but if you survive the red pill, I promise you will reap huge spiritual benefits. Questions will be answered, more questions will be formed, but I’ll let you see for yourself.

Any time you want to try a red pill, just go to the Home Page and check the right sidebar. You can get back to here from the other side of the rabbit hole by doing the same thing from that side.

Rabbit Holes

As you explore the site, you will occasionally find a “Rabbit Hole” that forces you through to the other side of this site, and into an entirely new realm that might be aware of but never explored. This reference comes from Alice In Wonderland or Looking Glass (depending on age). It’s basically the exact same thing as a red pill, but with one difference:

  • Red pills are visited at your own convenience, and are based on your level of interest in visiting the article.
  • Rabbit holes are directly related to the information that you are currently reading, but from an expanded perspective.

Not all articles contain rabbit holes, and some articles contain multiple rabbit holes. You will need to click the links within the articles to locate them. If you get tired of searching for rabbit holes, you can always try a red pill. While it won’t take you to information specific to the article you were reading, at least you’ll be on the other side.

Bitcoin Donations

If you want to donate via bitcoin, please use the QR code and Wallet Address at the bottom of any page. Another option is to visit the new Bitcoin Donations page at the top of the site.

Help Spread The Word

Unfortunately, the only thing that couldn’t be saved were the social shares on each post. If you helped share anything on this site, please do so again by sharing everything you find interesting or informative. On each post, at the top, and throughout, you’ll find share buttons that look like the following:

Simply click one and share. Not only will it show people that the study is worth reading, but it’ll help spread the word that the site is back online. More great content is coming, so make sure you check your email every Sunday night for the latest updates.

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