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The Intelligent Design Movement: Were We Created By God or Aliens?

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When I say the words “Intelligent Design“, the common reaction is to immediately associate it with Christianity, God, and the Bible. Maybe in the past, that sort of thinking would be  correct, but not today. When the Discovery Institute originally took up the task of getting intelligent design added to school curriculum, it was for the purpose of getting science to acknowledge that parts of nature point to a creator (God). However, as time went by, another agenda crept into movement.

The enemies of the Bible have put themselves in a win-win situation. On one side of the argument, evolution is being pushed as a truth to the entire world. On the other side of the argument are those that believe in Intelligent Design, but don’t let the phrase fool you. It’s not much more than a buzz word that gets the Christian money to roll in.

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Some people in the Intelligent Design movement are pushing for us to recognize a creator… of extraterrestrial origin. With the success of Ancient Aliens and the current obsession with UFO disclosure, God is no longer the only one competing for the title of “Intelligent Designer”.

We Christians are now in a position that counts as a loss, even if the ID movement wins. I believe that the main agenda of those that adhere to the Ancient Alien theory, is to take their belief mainstream and have it taught beside evolution in public schools.

There is a very good reason that I’m writing this and that’s because there are a lot of Christians out there supporting the ID movement because they are unaware that it has been hijacked. We, as Christians, need to be very careful in what we support because the deception is real and its on our doorstep.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…” – 1Timothy 4:1


  • Discovery Institute – If you have time to search their website, ask yourself why they store articles on E.T., aliens, and pro intelligent design by aliens on their website.
  • Evolution News – The focus of Intelligent Design is shifting from God to aliens, we should pay attention.
  • Jack Canlan – He sees it too and it seems as though he supports intelligent design by aliens.

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  • Xavier Brandon

    What you say is so true, it is recognized in the fact of anyone of status that stands for something pure ends up being rebuked a belittled. We are segregated on so many levels that the journey is hard to awaken us and along the way many get tired, or snared by the world.

  • Dani


    After much research, I have come to the theory that there’s no better way for the devil (Lucifer) to enact his revenge on God for his own banishment from heaven brought on by his own greed, than to deceive God’s beloved creation of humankind, by becoming “many gods” to deter the peoples away from the One True God.
    Looking back over the centuries and across the nations of different peoples, it’s quite evident to me, that the devil and helpful fallen angels have set themselves up as gods for different peoples in different ways and different forms ascending and descending from the heavens, to promote themselves as gods.
    When, in fact, they are heavenly beings with heavenly abilities who elevate themselves out of malice towards God for their banishment and unchangeable circumstance as it be.
    As a human race, sadly, most are so gullible and believing that many haven’t really sought out our Creator God to reveal Himself to themselves, instead many as a human race have been lazy and taken the lazy way out of the responsibility of relationship with our loving Creator, to believe in other gods of the ages and the different nations or simply stick their heads in the sand and claim that there’s no God at all.
    As a member of the human race, I’m broken hearted that the lies the devil has sewn have been blindly believed all this time since enactment of creation.
    May God have mercy on our race.

    I enjoy your posts and they always give me “meat” to think on and chew over. I feel that you are helpful in giving thought and insight and eye opening resources to the sleepy generations.

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