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Images of Deception: The Apostle Paul – Part 5

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“Then they fasted that day, and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon their heads, and rent their clothes, and laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.”- 1 Maccabees 3:47-48

If you think the cliche images of the apostle Paul are an accurate portrayal of what he really looked like… think again. While we don’t have a description of many people in the Bible, Paul is one of the exceptions. According to Europeanized Christianity, the apostle Paul looked like an elderly bearded white man. Here’s an image of “Paul” that was posted on Christianity Today without any regard to Biblical accuracy:

According to the Bible, the following incident occurred, which gives us a very specific location to reference for Paul’s appearance:

Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?” – Acts 21:38

Egypt is located in Africa for those that don’t know. And BEFORE Greeks, Romans, and other Europeans began invading and mixing with Africans over the last couple thousand years, Egyptians depicted themselves in the following manner:

If we have our Common Sense Caps on we can clearly see that the man in the first picture would NEVER EVER be mistaken for an Egyptian. That guy would be sun burned to death or have a severe case of melanoma, which is the problem those Jew-ish European converts are having in Israel right now.

More Confirmation On Paul’s Appearance

In addition to the above overwhelming evidence that Paul was definitely not European in appearance, the Roman historian Tacitus (58AD – 120AD) lived during Paul’s lifetime (circa 5AD – 67AD) and he had the following to say:

“…A few authorities hold that in the reign of Isis the surplus population of Egypt was evacuated to neighboring lands under the leadership of Hierosolymus and Judas. Many assure us that the Jews are descended from those Ethiopians who were driven by fear and hatred to emigrate from their home country when Cepheus was king. There are some who say that a motley collection of landless Assyrians occupied a part of Egypt, and then built cities of their own, inhabiting the lands of the Hebrews and the nearer parts of Syria. Others again find a famous ancestry for the Jews in the Solymi who are mentioned with respect in the epics of Homer: this tribe is supposed have founded Jerusalem and named it after themselves.” – Tacitus, Histories 5.2

According to the Bible, Asshur came out of the Cushite (black Africans) empire known as Babylon. Asshur then went on to found Assyria, which is where Assyrians come from. No matter where we look, the facts keep leading back to Paul being a man of color connected to Africa.

The Breakdown

According to the Bible and this guy:

Paul looked EXACTLY like these guys:

And NOTHING like this guy:

Suggested Reading

“O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.” – Jeremiah 16:19

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  • I believe what I see and have read through the research I have been doing myself as I read the Bible. I find it funny how things have been so changed by the oppressor to keep the oppressed ignorant. All that is done in the dark will come to the light. We… the Black Man and Woman are a Major Key in the Story of The Bible. I’m sorry but it is what it is… the truth shall set you free. We are a Major Key. Let all lies be recognized and denounced and the Devil is a lie. There is no European who could have lived in the same climate of Africa as black people did and not be of color as black people are. I’m tired of people trying to play us like we are ignorant and not worthy of greatness… like white people are only great and blessed. The Devil is a lie and the truth is not in him. The white man being full of hatred and moved by the Devil has committed some of the worst attrocities ever known to man… especially to black people and our Native American brothers and sisters. Murdering… Stealing… Raping…. there in lyes the legacy of the white man…. there in lyes the pride of the white man… there in lyes the evilness of the white man. The truth is the truth… I don’t care who doesn’t like what I have just posted. I’m not here to please you… I don’t have to answer to you… only GOD… The research speaks for itself…WE ARE A MAJOR KEY… Loved by the Sun…WE ARE A PEOPLE of COLOR…AFRICA…

    • Minister Fortson

      Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian… which means he looked like an Egyptian… also in Acts the captain of the guard was SURPRISED that Paul was not a slave. It’s all in there. The problem is people only half read the stories. Paul clearly didn’t look like a Roman or anyone from Turkey.

  • Lea MacDonald

    Dear Minister Fortson,
    Thank you for all the information you have given those of us that are seeking truth. It is vitally important !
    I would like to assist you if I can in distributing information by way of video. Would you be able to contact me please. Thank you and God bless you richly brother for all you are doing !

  • Nancy

    I am not one of those people that think on what color many of the Biblical characters were, I sure am not one to be convince many of them were white with blue eyes like many portrayals would have us believe. Even Jesus, but I am one that doesn’t really care, Jesus is our savior and His color is secondary. I am really curious, I see this race question come up a lot any more and I wonder why. There is no gentile, Jew, black or white, etc in the body of Christ. I am just curious why is this brought up so much. That is the last thing I think of, but so many do. I know the atrocities that were committed because of this over the centuries. Do you think that this can still bring divisions among real Christians? I hope not. Just wondering.

    • Minister Fortson

      The truth is people love to quote the verse about no color ONLY when the fact that Christ and the Hebrews were black is brought up. Nobody quoted that when Mel Gibson made The Passion of The Christ… nor does it get quoted when TV shows him as white constantly. The man lived on the border of Africa.

      The other problem is that white conservative Christians consistently vote for racist laws, support racist Fox News, and then want to pretend they’re color blind. The Bible says one thing, but people behave in another manner.

      Finally, the biggest reason is STOLEN history. Why is it OK for Europeans to claim to be Jew-ish, but when someone points out that it’s a lie, then suddenly we can’t talk about race and heritage? They aren’t in the body of Christ. They’re practicing Judaism and do not believe in Christ. It’s not of God to steal someone’s history, repaint the pictures, then get mad when people point out the theft and attempted coverup of the evidence. That’s of satan.

      If truth causes division so be it. That’s the problem of the person that doesn’t want the truth. My only job is to present the truth and let the chips fall where they may. God chose a specific people for a specific reason, and those people were described as black consistently. They were mistaken for Africans consistently… and if race really doesn’t matter, why do the majority of white conservative Christians have a problem with people pointing out that the images of white Bible people is false? God’s word is truth and if God’s word contains references to black skin, but not white skin, then by asking people not to talk about it, you’re trying to silence parts God’s word from being taught.

      If race wasn’t an issue within the white conservative Christian church we’d see more images of the oldest known picture of Christ hanging up in white churches all across America… but white Christians seem to prefer the little white lie over the truth. Black followers of Christ never had an issue when we BELIEVED Christ was white, but now that we know he’s not, we’re certainly not going to hold onto that lie in order to appease white conservative Christians. That’ll never ever happen. Mainstream Christianity has been caught in a lie and that lie needs to be exposed and done away with.

      God made the choices he made for a reason and to try to paint those choices as a different image other than the image he chose is blasphemy in my opinion.

      • Jon Paden

        Your site has been a great source of information for me in my seeking of more truth. Thanks for taking the time to provide all of this eye opening knowledge. Would love to speak with you over the phone on in person to discuss more. Please email me privately. Thanks so much.


    • Dre

      I don’t know what Bible you have been reading but the fact that you call yourself a Minister and make these false claims is sad. Paul was neither black or white. And Egyptians were not black. History and science have both proven this. True Jews look like today’s Arabs. That means Jesus and his apostles looked like Arabs not Africans. Race is nothing more than a label. We all came from Adam and Eve and our appearances evolved to the climates of which we lived in as we left and traveled to different lands. Let’s stop making the Bible about race. Anyone with the least bit of common sense knows this is nonsense.You sir are no minister.

      • Minister Fortson

        Just because your little feelings are hurt doesn’t mean anyone cares what you THINK based on false white Bible teaching. The Egyptians are black and they painted themselves black… I’ll give you $100 if you can show me an ORIGINAL Egyptian created anything that depicts them as anything other than black people.

        Furthermore, the Bible says Egyptians came from Ham… and 99% of all Bible believers, black and white, KNOW that black Africans trace to Ham. The idiot delusion that there weren’t black people in Africa is the height of stupidity. And since the Hebrews mixed with Africans consistently in scripture and were mistaken for the people in the pictures, please let me know WHY everyone in the area depicted themselves as black.

        I know you won’t be back with any actual proof because you are not a Bible believing a Christian. You’re a fake trying to push your racist white superior idiocy and lack of actual research in order to hang onto your shriveling faith in a false white Jesus. Get lost… you sir are no Christian.

        Ashkenaz is from Japheth… not Shem… therefore Ashke-nazi fake European Jews are not Hebrews. They’re 8th century Khazar converts to Judaism. Read a book and Google the “Balfur Agreement”. It proves they’re not the people of the book, but the same imposters the church was warned about in Revelation.

        The FACT is Hebrews were and are black just like Egyptians and everyone else in Africa pre European invasion.

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