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Images of Deception: David and Goliath – Part 2

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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The next Biblically inaccurate picture we’re going to look at is the battle between David and Goliath. This is perhaps one of the most well known giant stories in history. However, the depictions are always wrong:

There are so many things wrong with this picture that I actually had to think about where to start. So let’s just start with location: According to the Bible and geography, this battle took place in Arabia, near the Egyptian border. Egypt is in Africa and before it was renamed “The Middle East” in the 1800s, Canaan (Israel) was also considered to be part of Africa. The proper term for the area is Arabia… which is why we refer to the people there as Arabs.

But before anyone decides to respond that Arabs had olive skin or brown skin… no they did not before the Greek and Roman invasions. Here’s a picture of some of the original Arabs that the media does not show. Arabs were black before many of them mixed with the Greeks and Romans.

The Lineage of Goliath

In the picture, Goliath is depicted as white, but the Bible and Bible scholars tell us that he was from the lineage of Ham, the origin of the black African tribes.

  • Goliath lived in Gath (1 Samuel 17:4).
  • Gath was located in the land of Canaan (1 Samuel 17).
  • Goliath was a Philistine from the line of Philistim (Genesis 10:14).
  • Philistim was the grandson of Mizraim (Genesis 10:14).
  • Mizraim was one of the sons of Ham (Genesis 10:6).

Goliath descended from the father of the Egyptians (Mizraim), but his tribe, the Philistines resided in Canaan, which shares a border with Egypt. The vast majority of Bible scholars accept that Ham is the origin of black people in Africa and much of the Middle East according to scripture. If that’s the case, then there is no way Goliath nor the Philistines behind him could’ve been European as depicted in the picture above.

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The Lineage of David

For those that have studied the lineage of King David, we know that Judah had five children with two different Canaanite women. Here are the facts according to the Bible:

  • Judah had two sons with Tamar (Genesis 46:12).
  • Tamar was a Canaanite (Genesis 38:1-6).
  • Canaan was a son of Ham (Genesis 9:18).
  • Ham was the originator of the black race in Africa and parts of Arabia (Genesis 10:6-20).

There is no way that the lineage of Judah starts off half Hamite and ends up with a European looking King David near Africa. Those that disagree will often defend their point by mentioning that David was ruddy, but what they don’t often like to admit to is that “ruddy” was used to describe various shades of reds and browns.

This is why it’s important to always do the research for yourself and not just take anyone’s word for it. Feel free to check every single reference and suggested reading article, and you’ll see that we are being fed a constantly lie about the true identity of Israel (Psalms 83).

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