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Here’s What’s Coming In July

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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If you’ve been watching the Awakening Network feed, then you know I’ve been adding content every few days, even if it’s not specifically for this site. What you may not know is that I have about 40 different studies in the works, all of which are very in depth and will hopefully help everyone clarify some of the harder parts in the Bible. So here’s what to expect across the network for July 2017:

Questions and Answers

I’m going to focus at least 50% of my time getting caught up on the questions I’ve been neglecting. If you posted a question, I’ve read it and responded to it, or I’ve been putting off responding to it because it coincides with one of the pending studies I’m working on. Next month I’m going to do my best to get through all or most of the questions. Some will be answered in the comments section and some will be answered with new studies that will benefit everyone that may not be reading the comments on specific posts.

If you’re not subscribed to all of these sites, you can still check for updates on The Awakening Network feed found on the homepage on all of the sites. Only subscribe to the sites that interest you and only read what you find interesting in the network feed.


In addition to answering questions, the plan is to release the following studies:

  • The Christ Chronicles – A new multi part series that will look deep into the life and teachings of Christ from a Biblical perspective vs. Church traditions.
  • Were The 12 Tribes Made Up of All Races? – This study is a response to a reader question regarding whether or not Israel consisted of all races or if that’s just a modern myth passed around by some believers.

Black History In The Bible

The research going on here is some of the most revealing research I’ve done in a long time and it’s going to keep coming all during July.

  • The Daughter of My People – A study on the prophetic importance of the descendants of Israel. Jeremiah and Isaiah cover this topic in depth and it is important to understanding who this reference is referring to.
  • The Daughter of Babylon – In addition to ancient Babylon, the Bible also makes a reference to a future empire known as “The Daughter of Babylon”, which some scholars believe to be the United States, but is it true?
  • The Complete Guide To Ethnicity In The Bible – The myth that race and skin color are not mentioned in scripture has been thoroughly debunked, and this guide will walk believers through every reference to race and skin color in the Bible. It is very important from a cultural perspective because there are people that love to steal credit for things that do not belong to them. This guide will show who’s pushing deception and who’s telling the truth.


This site is all evidence from history and archaeology with ZERO doctrinal teachings. Check out what’s coming:

  • Maps – I have several more maps to add that proves that the Hebrews were intentionally moved and hidden, just as Psalms 83 says they would be.
  • Historical References – In addition to Tacitus and Egyptian paintings, there are other historical references that point to the reality of a Black Israel, and not the false “they looked Middle Eastern” response that people have been brainwashed to believe.
  • Archaeology – I’ll be adding a few reliefs, statues, and paintings of what Hebrews looked like before Greek and Roman invasion.

The Awakening Study Bible

This project has been coming along slowly, mostly due to time issues, but I do have some plans to catch up in July.

  • Finish adding Leviticus
  • Begin adding Numbers

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