Tuesday, December 11Spiritual Warfare and Other Cool Bible Stuff

False Doctrines List


This is a false doctrine created and embraced by white supremicists that believe Israel migrated over the Caucus mountains and eventually became Britain. From there, the British that fled England became Americans. They believe that the “lost tribes” are the Europeans nations, even though 99% of the Bible takes place between Africa and Arabia. This is a false teaching that can easily be proven false by historical references, maps, and the Bible itself.

Jezebel Spirit

This false teaching involves taking the story of the two women named Jezebel in the Bible, and creating an entire false doctrine around a made up spiritual being. When people are accused of having a “Jezebel Spirit”, it is a means of control, usually employed to guilt others into changing their actions. This teaching has no Biblical basis at all and is completely made up church mythology passed down over generations.

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Replacement Theology

This is a false belief that teaches a promise breaking liar of a God. The theory proposes that God cast off Israel, completely disregarding all promises in the Old Testament, and then replaced Israel with the Church. The God presented by Replacement theology is untrustworthy and does not keep his promises, thus making salvation unsure as well.

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Serpent Seed

This false teaching starts with the premise that Eve committed adultery with Satan, and then Adam intentionally entered into a homosexual act with Satan. The act between Adam and Satan varies between outright sex and only eating Satan’s semen. According to scripture, Adam was not deceived, therefore this theory presents the idea of a homosexual Adam. The union between Eve and Satan is believed to have resulted in Cain, even though Genesis 4:1 says different. This belief encourages believers to denounce scripture as a lie and the Targums as truth.

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Sethite Theory

This false theory attempts to turn the “bene elohim” (sons of God) into the lineage of Seth and the “benoth Adam” (daughters of men) into the lineage of Cain, even though neither are mentioned in Genesis 6. As part of the deception, believers are often asked to ignore all historical references, all references to Hebrew language, and just to accept the interpretation given to them. New Testament verses are often ignored and disregarded in order to avoid the alternative and oldest interpretation of the text. This theory appeals to embracing complete ignorance and a refusal to be informed.

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