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Dying To Be Israel: The High Cost of Living In The Holy Land Without Melanin

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Did you know that Israelis have the second highest rate of melanoma in the world? Well they do (source). Melanoma is a fatal skin cancer that develops as a result of exposure to the sun. Just to give you a perspective on where Israel is located, here’s a map. Notice how close it is to Africa.

Something Doesn’t Add Up

According to the CDC black people have the lowest rate of melanoma and white people have the highest rates of melanoma. Here’s a chart that comes from the CDC website (source).

CDC Melanoma Statistics

In the Bible the Hebrews spent almost their entire existence between Africa and Israel without any form of cancer treatments currently available in the modern age. Modern day Israelis are literally dying to live in Israel… which doesn’t make sense if they’re really the chosen people that are supposed to be living in the Promised Land according to God’s promises.

“Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.” – Song of Solomon 1:6

Questions We Need To Ask

  • Why would God put white Hebrews in the Promised Land knowing full well just living there would kill them?
  • How would white Hebrews have survived 400 years of slavery in the African sun without dying of melanoma?
  • How are people still believing the lie of a white Israel in 2017 when we have things like Google?

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Is God Protecting Israel?

There is always a ton of debate among Christians as to whether or not God is protecting the Holy Land. I think he is, but not because of the people there. He’s protecting his physical land from being destroyed through war. I also believe he’s protecting it from imposters by the fact that the people living there are developing a deadly cancer at a rate 2nd only to Australians (the people that nearly wiped out the Aborigines). The cost of living in the Promised Land is death without the proper levels of melanin required for it.

“And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” – Luke 21:24

In order to understand the possible implications of the above verse, you must first understand the concept of the Gentiles as we’ve been taught vs. the concept presented in scripture.

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Christ Warned of Fake Jews

In the book of revelation, there’s a strange reference that Christ makes twice, and it never really registered until somewhat recently when I started studying this subject.

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” – Revelation 3:9

The text is 100% clear. Some group of people is lying about being Jews. What makes the reference a little deeper is the fact that the churches this warning was sent to were located in Eurasia, which were Gentile territories. The implication being that Eurasians were already falsely claiming Jewish descent in the 1st century A.D. Being that Revelation is also prophetic, it is also possible that we were being warned about this continued deception that originated in Eurasia with the early church.

Questions We Need To Ask

  • Who would be lying about being Jews in the end times?
  • Why would they be lying about being Jews in the first place?
  • Why are they referred to as “the synagogue of Satan”?

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  • Jonathan Purcell

    Hi, I’m a huge fan of your sites and would like your council on several topics. However, I’d have to disagree with you on the the Irish’s “indentured servitude” not being one in the same as slavery. I would agree that this shouldn’t be used as a deflector to the conversation of slavery in America but the term Indentured Servant was a mask to the to nature of what happened to the Irish people (of which most of my hertitage is). They were hung from their hands and had their feet set on fire if they disobeyed orders or burned alived and piked as an example to stay in line. They were even cheaper to buy in the 1600s than other slave counterparts. Irish women were also raped and also used for breeding to extend the amount of their masters property because if the parent was “indentured” the child was “indentured”.I can go on but this is a topic to be researched more extensively to truely understand the nature of this deception as well. This isn’t a topic that’s usually readily available through mainstream history and also went through “washing” if you will. I won’t use the term “white washing” because even other whites have been washed away in Satan’s deceptions.

    • Minister Fortson

      To equate what the Irish went through to slavery is just plain unrealistic.

      Irish didn’t have their history, language, names, and religion erased.
      Irish didn’t have their children used as “gator bait”.
      Irish were still white and still had the ability to buy land, vote, etc. long before black people.

      I could go on and on. The Irish were hung by their hands, but black people were hung by their necks until dead. The Irish had their feet burned, but black people were burned alive. The Irish only became indentured servants to pay off a debt, but black people were kidnapped. The Irish were released after their debt was paid, but black people were not released for any reason in most cases. Irish women were raped, but black men and women were raped in front of their families as a terror tactic.

      Black people were immediately put into prisons after slavery was “abolished”, but the Irish were not. The Irish didn’t have to fight for their basic human rights until 1964. Do the math. Black people have only been able to exist semi freely with rights for 54 years… my mother and father are both older than 54. My sister and I are the FIRST children in our lineage born with 100% of our rights. It has been less than the lifetime of one person since Segregation was abolished. The Irish experience in America is in no way equal to the black experience in America.

  • Bradley Love

    My comment or example of Irish had no connection with slavery. My point is whether it be Irish, Greek or Sudanese, if that is someone’s heritage or background than they have a right to feel the need to identify. My point is that a city in Australia, Melbourne that is, is the second biggest Greek city in the world. It has a huge population with Greek heritage that are proud of their heritage and identify very strongly with Greece. Some of these people were born in Melbourne but still have a strong connection to culture. Now if you read my last comments I would ask you to point out where indeed I mentioned the word servant or slavery? Now Sari Yah, your factual statement of ” there aren’t any full blooded aborigines left and that is a fact” , well that is ludicrous. I live in Australia and have ventured north to Darwin and visited Kakadu and Arnhem Land and met as you put it full blooded aborigines. Minister Forston I would be more than happy to send you some Books from Aboriginal Authors who were either part of or,descendants of the stolen generation in which they were taken from their family, were not allowed to speak their native tongue or practice their culture. They were forced to live in special isolated communities. They were forced to live The English or white Australia way, but they and their off spring, who were sometimes raped by the invading whites, still identify as Aboriginals as they were still outcasts in the non aboriginal community. Aboriginals were still included as flora and fauna until 1967, they weren’t counted as people

  • Carl

    The so called negros that were scattered to the four corners of the earth are the descendants by blood of the original hebrew israelites. And it is through the lineage of the father that carries the bloodline. Your father has to be of negro descent. We are the minorities in every continent. The lineage of Shem, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were black people. Not Hammittes (so called African). Dig deep on your research. Its plain in the bible

    • Minister Fortson

      Exactly. They want us to believe that Ham was the only black son of Noah, which is quickly being proven to be a false narrative.

    • KMT

      Africans are not “Hamites”. We usually identify with our ethnic groups (which there are 100s of on the continent). Don’t put European labels on us. You can be a Shemite for all I care but we’re not Hamites. And what about the Hebrew people who live in Ethiopia (Falasha), Zimbabwe or South Africa (Lemba) ? Are they frauds ?

      • Minister Fortson

        Actually Africans are Hamites. Read your Bible… and if you don’t believe the Bible, then your argument is pointless to me.

        Furthermore, Nobody called any true Hebrews frauds. Maybe you should try reading more of my research before asking absurd questions that have been clearly addressed multiple times on multiple sites I run.

  • John Jacobs

    Minister Fortson,
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication in your ministry. This post has been very enlightening and is a help to my current walk in the faith. Although the appearance of the ancient Hebrews seems to be trivial to some, in a society predominately dominated with images of historically significant figures, which all appear Anglo-Saxon, the truth of this matter is of great significance in my estimation. If anyone says that the images we see do not matter, then the idea of corporations paying billions of dollars for advertising each year seems ridiculous.

    I can not explain the impact growing up being programmed to think that my ancestors were all just slaves and that the same Christ I must kneel before looks just like those who did the enslaving. I honestly wrestled with this for a while and almost fell into the “back to Egypt” nonsense peddled by so many today. Because I bought the lie that black people had no place in the bible outside the curse of Ham (which I now know is Canaan’s curse), I was confused as to where I stood in God’s plan, but thanks to an experience in 2008 watching a video by another pastor exposing the music industry I started researching and found so many things to by falsehoods and that the only reliable truth is in the Word of God. Your ministry is more important than you will ever know, because mainstream so called “black churches” refuse to feed their flocks with the truth. There is no shortage of prophesy ministries and the like, but it means a lot having a ministry that can truly speak to my condition and perspective.

    I apologize for the lengthy reply, but just wanted to thank you for what you do.

    And your book “As The Days of Noah Were” is an important treasure in my collection.

    Thanks Again.

    • Minister Fortson

      Thanks for the response. I agree, but now I understand the “blindness”. Black people have been reading a book that clearly says the Hebrews were black and married those from the line of Ham, and yet the deception of white Hebrews and a white Christ is still strong.

      Images help shape perception and you’re right. They’ve spent billions on this deception and would love to keep us believing in a white savior, when the truth is that a black man died for all mankind.

  • Brad

    Minister Forston. Thanks for your updates. Your comments on Australians, being the country most subjected to melanoma and than explaining we are the race that wiped out the Aborigine’s? Well yes Aborigines since 1788 have been subjected to much pain and misery and do so this day suffer higher levels of illness such as diabetes, incarceration, lower levels of life expectancy, but alas are not wiped out. to declare that they are wiped out would take away from their strength as peoples as survivors. In fact the amount of people who identify of this race has increased.

    I am a white Anglo Saxon Australian, and a wound is forever in my life knowing what happened and yes the ignorance is still there but to say wiped out adds to the dilemma. The Aboriginal Australians are still alive and some are well, and the modern warrior still plays there part in sport, education, politics, the arts etc. But please they are not wiped out. To portray this only promotes to the world that successive policy in Australia such as the stolen generation, the intervention and protection acts has overshadowed other positive and successful programs and policy.

    Kind regards

    Bradley Love

    • Minister Fortson


      You are correct. They were not wiped out in the literal sense of the word. I was moreso using it as a figure of speech, much like when most people say they are starving. It’s not necessarily literal but we get the point. Thanks for responding.

    • SaraiYah

      They were all indeed wiped out! The last “full blooded” Aborigine died on May 8th 1876. Her name was Tranganini.

      • brad love

        Not necessarily correct. A gent by the name of charlie mcmahon, who is a white anglo saxon gent was present in 1985, when a group of aboriginal s ventured into a settlement in central australia. The significance was that charlie was the first white person they had seen. They had been living in isolation unbeknown to the outside world. So in jest they were still living a traditional life. Australia is a small continent but possibly the seventh largest country in area which housed around 250 nations much the same to america with the sioux and cherokee nations, hence despite one nation been ravaged in 1788 other groups would have been in isolation for many years. On another note the colour of ones skin does not exclusively make one a true anoriginal. Many aborigines today who do not live traditional lives still have connections and spirituality to aboriginality. Their is still irish people all around the world. Some living in ireland and new york but come st Patrick’s day they still possibly identify. Race ethnicity is in the heart.

        • SaraiYah

          Wow! Race and ethnicity isn’t just in the heart and nothing you can say can whitewash these people away. The first thing people see is the color of ones skin. You’re probably one of those people that claim to not see color smh. What does the Irish have to do with this conversation? They’re white too. Your ancestors have went all over this planet raping, stealing, murdering and pillaging indigenous people. There aren’t any full blooded aborigines left and that is a fact.

          • Minister Fortson

            People love to bring up Irish indentured servants as if it’s the same as slavery. Anytime black people bring up slavery in America, someone has to bring up the Irish or the Arab slave trade across the ocean. They love to deflect and change the conversation. I agree with you. Race and ethnicity has nothing to do with the heart. That’s the same nonsense Transgender supporters believe about gender.

        • Bradley Love

          Dear Sarai,
          I feel that this forum is of a beneficial knowledge to share constructive thoughts, ideas and to a degree facts. You used the term “your ancestors”. Your terms rape, pillage, murder and stealing are terms I use regularly and am fully aware. But in essence you personalized your assumptions of who I am without knowing me. “You are probably one of those people”. Stereotype? Truganni was the last full blooded aboriginal in Tasmania, an island state of Australia. A state where the invaders, not colonist made a line and yes raped, murdered and stole from the indigenous. Your descriptives, I will never shy away from. The truth must be told with factual evidence. No Truganini was not the last full blood, I am not colour blind and I will not judge or categorise people with “you are probably one of those people”. How does assumption or premise facilitate open discussion? Neither will I shy away that Australia in the last 229 years has been built on rape, pillage, murder. Check out a song called Myall Creek by Neil Murray about site of murder and carnage on our First Nations, and how the truth brought people together. I live work and breathe with Aboriginals whose identity is not based on skin colour. It is based of what is in their hearts. Their direct quote to me. Their opinion on their culture of thousands of years. Take care and if you ever venture down to this southern land I would love nothing more to share not only the natural beauty but that underbelly of rape, pillage, murder and robbery that shrouds this place.

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