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Donald Trump May Have Bombed Syria Over…. Fake News!!!

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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Less than 100 days into what is turning out to be the most incompetent and disastrous presidency in history, it turns out that Donald Trump may once again have been duped by fake news. I first proposed proposed this theory after the Syria bombing, and the evidence is quickly pointing in that direction. Let’s look at what we know so far:

  • Ivanka’s emotions influenced Trump to bomb Syria. We know this because her brother and Trump’s son Eric told us that is exactly what happened. So it looks like WWIII was almost started by an over emotional little girl that’s completely unqualified to make military decisions (source).
  • Conspiracy websites and Putin immediately dubbed the gassing in Syria a false flag (source).
  • Reports began circulating that the White Helmets helped stage the gas attack to trick Trump into attacking Assad (source).
  • Russia sided with Assad and took the official position that he didn’t have any chemical weapons (source)

Where are the watchmen? They aren’t reporting this because they played their “God told me to support Trump” card and now they’re beginning to see that this administration is NOT of God and is completely incompetent. The moron in the White House almost started a nuclear war over fake news or an outright lie.

Fake News Alerts

Conservative sites and conservatives in general have been gullible enough to spread the following fake news reports… also known as outright lies.

  • Malia Obama expelled from Harvard for twerking, smoking weed, and listening to rap (source)
  • Obama demands $1.5 Billion and taxpayers are furious (source)
Hive Mind Update

The latest Republican hive mind phrase “at least Trump has balls unlike Obama” or some variation of the phrase. Please not this new phrase as you talk to Republicans who conveniently forgot that they were calling Obama “the drone president” because he was doing so much bombing.

Governor Robert Bentley Resigns

After being outed by his wife as having an affair with one of his aides, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigns to avoid being impeached (source).

Ben Carson Got Stuck In An Elevator

Ben Carson is the on going joke on my Facebook timeline, and this time he made another funny by getting stuck in an elevator and having to be rescued (source).

Sean Spicer Puts His Foot In His Mouth… Again

Yesterday Sean Spicer put his foot in his mouth once again by claiming that Hitler didn’t use gas and referred to Nazi Death Camps as “Holocaust Centers”. I saw it as it happened on TV and posted a Facebook status while he was still talking. For those that missed it (source).

Joe Wilson Had It Coming

Republican Joe Wilson is the guy that shouted “you lie” at Obama while Obama was lying. Well, the same thing just happened to Joe Wilson as he was lying about healthcare (source).

He’s Still Waiting On That Special Prosecutor Trump Promised – #Gullible

Why Am I So Hard On Republicans?

Because I’m an independent and I have zero loyalty to either side because both sides are made up of brainwashed puppets that make excuses for ignoring the truth about their party.Neither side appears to be moral and for the last eight years I’ve condemned Democrats on tons of issues. Now its the Republican’s turn.

  • I addressed Obama’s additions to the national debt when he was president.
  • I condemned the Democrats on gun control and their New Town forensic lies.
  • I still condemn them over abortion on a regular basis on Facebook.
  • I was hard on Obama about NDAA and indefinite detention of American citizens.
  • I criticized Obama over weddings and schools that were bombed by “accident”.

There was so much more over eight years, and not once did any Republican speak up and accuse me of being a Conservative but now that I’m pointing out Republican actions worthy of criticism, I’m being FALSELY accused of being a Liberal. For the record: any Republican that claims I’m a liberal is an outright liar. Simple as that. There’s no other word for it than liar.

Trump and Republicans are not above criticism, especially when scumbags like Jeff Sessions want to bring back racial profiling because he’s a racist. Americans with a brain said he was racist from the beginning and now he’s using his racism to attempt to role back Civil Rights protections put in place by Obama. Him and anyone that supports this is a scumbag. Period.

Brainwashed Moron Warning

If you hate truth and can’t handle Trump being criticized, try picking up a Bible. It says “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Based on the last eight years, I can only assume that Republicans want the world to treat Trump just like they treated Obama. So it’s happening whether you like it or not.

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  • Michael

    All those on the Trump train are going to be sorely disappointed. America will never be great again, we have passed the point of no return and Donald Trump will help drive us into the ditch. However, since all leaders good and bad are put in power by God we must continue to pray for their salvation.

  • Hi Dante

    I have greatly enjoyed a lot of which you have posted in the past, particularly around Nephilam, race relations etc. I continue to encourage you to watch the watchers, and all else which is going on, and keep us informed on what you find. However, what I personally feel, is that I would like to see it related back to me in a more edifying form. I feel punch drunk at the wording, to the point that yes I do want to unsubscribe, it appears so angry, and not in a way which the anger will help, which is overtaking the message which is much needed. Am happy if you want to post my name, my email etc and my opinion, however even that comes across as a bit OTT. Right now, people have Trump in power, you have a great platform to reach people to help them influence the leaders in the right way. While you have pointed many problem areas, To Trumps credit, he gets people in to advise in areas that are out of his expertise (and lets face it, that is most areas) however like any good leader, letting others lead is important. So what would be helpful, is for you to put forward and influence those advisers with wisdom that you gain from your research and your contacts. There must be plenty of people out there that know someone who knows someone… keep going, just adjust the keel somewhat and instead of blustering, blow your sails in a direction that will cause change that is positive. Thank you for your work in the past.

    • Minister Fortson

      A lot of us are angry at what Trump is doing to destroy America. The list just goes on and on and it started on the campaign trail, which was nothing but hate and racism. He then appoints white supremacists to cabinet positions, such as Jeff Sessions.

      I have no love for Trump or his supporters at all. My goal is to show the truth about the Republican party for the next 4 years and then help get Trump out of office in 2020.

      If it costs me some subscribers, so be it. Not really my concern at this point because I’ve realized that most people don’t care one iota about truth because they are brainwashed by their party. I write for those intelligent enough to see how evil the Republican party is and has been for a very long time.

      Anyone that agrees that civil rights protections should be rolled back is an evil person. Simple as that. Anyone that thinks murdering people with bombs is of God, is deceived to the core. God is going to bring down judgement on America. Not just because of Trump, but the history of this country and it’s continuous murder of citizens both at home and abroad.

      What disgusts me most is that Republicans want everyone else’s children to die in wars that they start, when it should be Republicans and their children on the front lines supporting what they voted for.

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