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Did Nimrod Become A Nephilim Giant?

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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There are some that believe that Nimrod may have somehow attempted to turn himself into or successfully turned himself into a nephilim, based on the phrase “began to be a mighty one”. There are several reasons I do not believe that this was what happened, but before we get into that, I want to share this email I received.

“Minister Fortson, Thank you for the time and effort at informing the churched masses of these very controversial truths. I am curious about Nimrod, do you think that he somehow was attempting thru some sort of genetic “mysticism” to become a nephilim? I recently watched an excellent you tube series on the high-tech society before the flood which seems to indicate that mankind had become very high-tech prior to the flood which would certainly back the Enochian book claims of the fallen angels trading, (I think technology), for worship and such. As I said I am curious and have no minister in my area who will even broach this subject….” – Sophie

In response to this email, I do believe mankind had a very high level of technology before the flood, but I do not believe that Nimrod got his hands on that technology, with the purpose of turning himself into a hybrid.

With that said, there is a concept in the works (probably already ready to go), that would turn adults into hybrids. In my opinion, it seems to indicate that the means to change people probably existed pre flood, but again, I do not think the Bible indicates that Nimrod was attempting to do this.

Exhibit A

“And Cush begat Nimrod he began to be a mighty one in the earth” – Genesis 10:8

The entire theory of Nimrod turning into a nephilim is based on one verse, but more specifically, two Hebrew words in that verse. “Began” and “mighty one”. Mighty one is two words in English, but it is only one in Hebrew, gibbor. The plural of gibbor is gibborim, which we are going to define now.

  • Began: Chalal (Strong’s #2490) – Began, begin, pierce
  • To Be: hayah (Strong’s #1961) – Became, come to pass, come
  • Mighty One: (Strong’s #1358) –  Strong, mighty one, warrior, tyrant

The word does not mean “giant”. It is a direct reference to power, not height or stature. The reason it is even associated with giants is because it appears in a verse with giants, which brings us to Exhibit B.

Exhibit B

In order to fully grasp why attempting to reinterpret the word gibborim as meaning nephilim, we are going to compare two verses.

The Nimrod Verse

“And Cush begat Nimrod he began to be a mighty one in the earth” – Genesis 10:8

The Nephilim Verse

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

If we read both verses carefully, we see that both Nimrod and the giants had to become “mighty”. Attempting to make the argument that Nimrod became “a hybrid”, would then force us to make the argument that the giants became hybrids, which doesn’t work. The giants were hybrids by birth, and therefore had no need to become gibborim, if we accept that gibborim means nephilim or giant.

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Exhibit C

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence for this theory is that there are other Hebrews that are described as gibborim, but not once does anyone try to make the claim that they turned into nephilim.

“And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.” – Judges 6:12

In the above verse, the judge Gideon is called gibborim. If we are applying definitions consistently, and not just where they make for the best controversy, then we can only conclude that Gideon was turning into or had already been turned into a giant.

“The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17

Here we have God being referred to as gibborim, so once again, if we apply the definition equally, we have to conclude that God is the same type of giant that we are to believe Nimrod was turning into.

“These be the names of the mighty men whom David had: The Tachmonite that sat in the seat, chief among the captains; the same was Adino the Eznite: he lift up his spear against eight hundred, whom he slew at one time.” – 2 Samuel 23:8

Here we see that David had gibborim that were under his command. As we continue to dig, we see that the theory falls apart in three more places in scripture as well.

  • Joshua 1:14
  • Joshua 8:3
  • 2 Samuel 17:8

If we apply critical thinking, we have to ask ourselves why gibborim is ONLY interpreted as “giant” when certain teachers look at Nimrod, but not applied equally across the board.

Exhibit D

This final bit of evidence is moreso cause and effect. For someone that was not born into royalty or power, and manages to achieve power, at some point they have to “began to be” powerful (gibbor).

We see the same indication with the nephilim in Genesis 6:4. They became gibborim. They were not born gibborim (powerful rulers), in the context of the verse. When we see theories like these, we really need dig deeper into scripture for the truth.

The Breakdown

Is it possible that somehow Nimrod started to turn into a nephilim? Yes, but is it probable or likely? No. However, the same word is used to refer to individuals that were clearly not hybrids.

If we are to cast a blanket use over the word gibborim, we are forced to assume that David was running around with nephilim as his personal guard in direct disobedience to God.

If we are choosing to selectively apply the definition to Nimrod and no one else, then we need to explain why we are applying a unique definition to him and no one else.

In my opinion, many of the people teaching this interpretation are doing nothing more that being controversial for the sake of attention. The most likely scenario is that Nimrod simply became someone very powerful, well respected, and feared because of his actions, not that he started to transform into a hybrid giant.

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