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Charlottesville Proves Trump and Republicans are Nothing But Racists

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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I’ve been saying it since Trump first decided to run… nothing good will ever come from his administration. Not one good thing. He’s not going to save America with his divisive hate speech that only appealed to good for nothing bigots in the first place. What I don’t find odd at all is that white conservatives are 100% silent about white racists running people down with a car, but had a ton to say about BLM. To top it all off, the orange scumbag in chief refused to put the blame on the human refuse white nationalists that caused the violence in the first place.

  • Why hasn’t Fox News called these violent white protestors “thugs” like they do to non violent black protestors?
  • Why haven’t the “peaceful protest” hypocrites condemned these hateful, violent, racist scumbags yet?
  • Why aren’t Republicans openly condemning these scumbags instead of sitting silent like blind, evil, hypocrites?
  • Why were police caught on film helping the sub human low life garbage rally organizer escape his well deserved beat down?
Racism, Hate, and Division – What Republicans Voted For

And even now we see the Republican scumbag parade trying to blame BLM, Hillary, Obama, Democrats, etc… when the real people to blame are the losers that held the rally in the first place. And by losers I mean any loser that can’t get over the fact that both the Nazi’s and South lost, but still want to carry those flags of the losers. Conservative sites are release fake news as fast as possible, but this is what happens when people are WARNED BEFOREHAND and still want to turn a blind eye they can vote for racism and hatred.

  • Wolves like Marzulli, Quayle, and Riggs are out of excuses and might as well admit that they are nothing more than racist scumbags that supported a racist. Lot’s of us see their evil fruit clearly.
  • No one supporting the “alt right” is Christian… period. Can’t PRETEND to believe in Christ will voting for evil, supporting evil, and making excuses for evil… and make no mistake, the right is evil to the core.
  • The fact that Trump won over Carson, West, and Cruz proves he only got votes because he’s white, because those three are vastly better choices and more qualified… but all of them were the wrong color to win the nomination in the Republican party.
The America Trump Supporters Want For Everyone

When this is all over, all of these fake “Christian” hypocrites that support the scumbag right, the scumbag president, his scumbag cabinet, and other racist organizations will stand in front of God and give an account. All those that stood by and silently watched or made excuses for it will answer to God, and I’m praying every day that those who call themselves Christians while doing it will pay for their blasphemy.

  • Trump supporters voted for all of the racism, hate, and division we’re seeing now.
  • Trump is the most divisive president in history. His mere presence is tearing the country apart.
  • Trump will never ever bring America together. He was sent by God to play a role in destroying this nation.

Based solely on what I’ve seen from Republicans, I do not believe that Christian Republicans exist. Conservative ideology and Christianity are mutually exclusive concepts and the more I see the fruit of this administration, the more I’m convinced that God is going to free true Israel from America and wipe this place out.

No Such Thing As A Christian Republican

If you choose to reply and mention the word Democrat, Liberal, BLM, Hillary, or Obama, I’m going to delete it. If you wanna defend racist scumbags then you address the scumbag Trump supporters and only Trump supporters or the comment will be deleted. No exceptions. We will not be deflecting because none of the above groups ran people over with a car. Trump supporting scumbags did that.

If you can give me a time frame when Republicans will actually start voting like Christians and behaving like Christians instead of demons unleashed by Satan himself, please feel free to respond.

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  • Jason Lantz

    KKK: democrat party
    Who shot Abe Lincoln: a democrat
    Slavery: democrat party in the south
    Black codes: democrats
    Japaneses Internment camps: FDR and democrat
    Encouraged black in inner city: democrat party
    Keeps blacks voting 95% democrat because of welfare and cliches: democratic party
    Fugitive slave act I & II: democratic party
    Refuse to join union if slavery was abolished in constitution: democrats in the south
    Who stopped slavery: Republicans
    Lynched black republicans and congressmen in the south: democrats
    Rounded up indians and the trail of tear: Andrew Jackson a democrat
    Ordered the forty acres and mule abolished: Andrew Johnson a democrat
    Opposed 1874 civil rights act: all democrats
    Opposed 1964: majority of democrats
    Opposed 13,14 and 15 amendments: democrats
    Margaret Sanger established plan parenthood in inner city to kill black babies. Blacks represent 13-15% of the population and account for 50% of all abortion. She also stated we have a NEGRO problem.
    LBJ: we we get those niggers voting democrat for 200 years.

    Forston: you need to re-evaluate you relationship with DNC, you are being misled and down a dark path. God Bless and good luck.

    • Minister Fortson

      I’m not associated with the DNC. I’m against Republicans. Period.


      1970-1980: REPUBLICANS used what is known as SOUTHERN STRATEGY to attract racist Democrats to the Republican party in order to increase votes.
      2016: REPUBLICANS define themselves as deplorable while wearing shirts and holding signs that say the same.
      2017: REPUBLICANS refuse to condemn the KKK, people waving Nazi flags, or any other racist white hate groups.

      Next time you want to drop a history “lesson” how about you keep in the above 3 facts about the Republican party.

      No such thing as a Christian Republican.

    • Jason Lantz

      It is amazing that history, which you do not like, has condemned the DNC as racist, slave holding and brought about black codes. You condemn all the south and the republicans as racist. The RNC has not instituted one racist policy. You want an apology for the RNC, but require none for the real racist DNC. As for the Southern strategy, the southern Democrats started to go Republican in the 1920s and 30s. The RNC had a general appeal to all people. As for the DNC they were becoming more liberal and more big government and that did not appeal to southerners. Still, it took until the 90’s for the south to elect republicans in the house and senate. By this time the generation of racist DNC in the south died off and the new generation of southerns have no claim to racist ideology. You, my friend, are the racists. Stop looking in the mirror and stop looking at white RNC as racist. You need Jesus my friend.

      • Minister Fortson

        1. False… I don’t care about the DNC or RNC… you do. Both sides are scumbags… and talking about the DNC doesn’t make you less of one. It just shows you’re a hypocrite that needs to change the subject. Also, I never called Southerners racist. I called Nazi flag carrying scumbags that spit on veterans racist.

        2. Funny how suddenly you “know” that racist Democrats turned Republican in the 20s and 30s, but conveniently left that out in the first place. But now you wanna mention it when you clearly should’ve mentioned it in your first comment… so I can’ only assume your goal was deception.

        Furthermore, you just proved that you know the Republican party is racist… and purposely tried to attract racists… and yet you want me to stop calling the party what it is… nothing but old racist scumbags waiting to burn in hell when they answer to a BLACK savior. Ironic.

        3. RNC does not have general appeal to all people. It has appeal to white racists… which is why that is what the majority of the party consists of.

        4. The RNC is a racist organization of nothing but scumbags.

        Let me know when the RNC has as much to say about the KKK as they do BLM… oh that’s right… BLM NEVER killed anyone based on race for over 100 years like the KKK… and BLM is pro black, so the RNC chooses to ignore the KKK because the KKK = RNC. No difference.

        No such thing as a Christian Republican. The evidence is when the Bible says that ALL people will give account of every idle word… and yet the RNC scumbags LIED and said that it was “locker room” talk when Trump bragged about attempting to commit adultery.

        I wonder if God shrugs that off as locker room talk. I wonder how God feels about raising the budget to murder people with bombs while taking healthcare away from people.

        If you make excuses for Republicans, you need Jesus. Period. I’m not even sure why all of you fake Christians still read my site. I do not recognize any Republican as a believer in Christ. Everything about the party except opposition to abortion is of Satan. Republicans have done nothing good for anyone in the last 50 years… nothing.

  • doug ortloff

    i just can`t believe some of the things you said. obama was the worst president in history, he did more to morally corrupt the country than any one before him including clinton. you say trump is a racists. what has he said or done? are you totally blind..bush was right on when he said when he was president at least we knew what bath room to use. and you think obama was great. you are a racists— and you deserved to be raked over the coals…

    • Minister Fortson

      1. I never voted for Obama… so stop that lie.

      2. Trump is the worst president in history, barely beating Bush Jr. and Reagan for that title of Scumbag President.

      3. Obama has nothing to do with how horrible the Republican party is.

      Republicans are a pure evil on this planet…

      And FYI learn what racism is before speaking. Republicans are not a race. I think black Republicans are possibly the dumbest people on the planet. All Republicans want to do is destroy lives and screw people over.

      Praise Jesus for the bombs dropped on innocent children so lets raise the budges, but paying for healthcare is theft… pretty much sums up everything I need to know about the satanic right.

  • How is Daniel lying on you? You admitted below that you are a racist (because you stated birds of a feather flock together, then stated I was a racist and you’ve hung out with me countless times), and you do love Obama. And of course you’re Liberal through and through, what’s the lie? Billy Graham voted for Trump is he a Christian? LOLOLOLOLOL you are showing your ignorance more and more.

    I dare ya “minister” go ahead and talk smack about Billy Graham, a man who has brought countless souls to Christ while you do nothing but spread hate messages. I’m waiting. Go for it.

    • Minister Fortson

      1. I don’t love Obama. That’s a lie.

      2. I’m not a liberal. I’m a moderate. Another lie.

      But lies are expected from you Keith. Who cares how Billy Graham voted? He’s a moron for voting for Trump just like you. He’s another one of those fake holier than thou types in public. I don’t actually expect you to repent for your lies. You’ll just lie to yourself and about me over and over again to avoid facing the facts. I’m an independent that sees through your racist party line garbage

      Anymore lies you wanna tell? Last I checked ministers use the same Bible as everyone else. No special rules. Joshua was a minister and how many people did he kill? So my words that hurt your precious little girl feelings don’t negate anything I teach. Truth stands regardless of how much your panties are in a bunch about it.

      Where was that WWJD bracelet when you were on Facebook trying to commit adultery? Jesus must be about that side action.

      Where was that WWJD bracelet when you told Virren “lets go hang around some white people” during the game? Maybe that’s what Jesus would do.

      Where was that WWJD bracelet when your scumbag friend George said all the racist crap he said? Must be what Jesus would do.

      You’re selectively Christian and selectively moral when you feel it suits the purpose of making yourself feel better and self righteou, but when it doesn’t you toss all that out the window. And then you have the nerve to start a site called “stand tall for Christ”, when the only thing you really wanted to do was get your penis to stand tall for some chick on Facebook that wasn’t your wife.

      Do you wanna continue this back and forth? I can do this all day.

      • I don’t deny any of the things from my past and there is a whole lot more I have done that you know nothing about. Luckily I worship a God of second, third and fourteenth chances! I have made some of the worst choices in my life, I talked my best friend into swimming across a river and he died in the process, I have stolen from jobs, I have lied to everyone I know, I have cheated on my wife, I have watched every type of legal pornography you can find, I have been to strip clubs, I have even had an incestuous encounter when I was 12 years old.

        I don’t hide from these things, this is my testimony. I used to be an Atheist, even hating a God I denied even existed. This is my testimony. I have been around many questionable people in my life, not just George, but Chris was another good example. Racist to the core. I thought in my childlike attitude I could soften their hearts and bring them to Christ. That never happened. However I did call out George and Chris all the time on their racist remarks…even on air.

        You got me Dante, I am a horrible guy… my list of transgressions can go on and on and on and on…You only know the tip of the iceberg.

        But that still doesn’t make me a racist or a “fake” Christian. Am I perfect today? No. Is anyone? I am very transparent and open about my past mistakes. You posting here about the little you know doesn’t offend me, although I could see it as an attack… and someone less transparent than myself would take great offense.

        But I’m not offended. I do stand by my belief that you are leading people away from Christ in moments like this… there is only ONE Jesus, and the way you represent him is wrong on many levels.

        He would love and pray for the KKK until their hearts were softened. He would not call them names, he only did that with false teachers.

        • Minister Fortson

          What makes you a racist and a fake Christian are your actions and your fake “holier than thou” attitude. Pretending that ministers have a different book to follow that you shows your complete lack of understanding of basic scripture.

          1. Christ said “get behind me Satan” to Peter… was he a false teacher?
          2. He called the Canaanite woman a dog… was she false teaching?
          3. He chased people out of a temple with a whip… they weren’t false teaching.

          I could go on and on about the REAL Christ… while you continue to spout this fake nonsense that he’d pray for everyone. Read Revelation. He’s not coming back with prayer. He’s coming back to drop vengeance and destroy. The Old Testament says “the DESTROYER of the Gentiles is on the way”. So who is this made up and contrived “Jesus” that you claim to follow? Your description doesn’t fit the words in the book.

          If anyone is being led away from Christ it’s not by me. It’s by people like you and others that support Trump and keep spouting the fake Joel Osteen warm loving crap. Jesus would not vote for the KKK or vote with the KKK. He would not vote for Trump nor defend Trump’s actions. Jesus would rebuke Trump and every one of his supporters.

          The fact is I’ve led more people to Christ than you will in several life times. Christ know those who are his and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lead a real believer away from Christ.

          It all comes down to this. Your support of racism tells us everything we need to know about who you are. Your support of police murdering black people in cold blood tells us everything about who you are. Your choice to be friends with racists tells us everything about who you are. The fact that you support RACIAL profiling, which is literally targeting people based on race, proves you’re a racist. You’re 100% fine with blacks and Mexicans being targeted by police based on skin color alone, but of Farrakhan or someone else does the same to white people, you suddenly have a problem with it… because a racist is who you are.

          The KKK is a scumbag organization full of evil people that are supported by more evil people… Republicans. You choose to associate yourself with that evil… because that’s who you are as a person.

          The fact that you think speaking the truth about an evil political party leads people away from Christ says everything about who you are. The Bible says to have no respect of person and to have a just balance. Evil is evil period. Republicans are nothing but evil and you choose to stand in line to cast your vote in favor of that evil… because that’s who you are as a person.

    • Minister Fortson

      Since you clearly aren’t intelligent enough to understand what “comments require approval” means, I went ahead and just deleted your comments. There, now you’re being censored. Feel special now?

      When you grow enough of a brain to figure out that I don’t just allow all comments to automatically post then feel free to leave another. And yes, I push m own agenda on my own site that I pay for with my own money. If you have a problem with that, visit and start your own.

      My agenda is truth… and I have zero regard for either party… especially the Satanic right. Only brainwashed gullible morons back Trump and the Republican party anyway.

      • Michael Coffey
        (noun) any person who supervises the manners or morality of others
        (verb): to delete (a word or passage of text) in one’s capacity as a censor.

        It’s been about two weeks since I submitted my last comment and it is still ” awaiting moderation”. With my extremely low level of intelligence, that you so graciously pointed out, maybe you can elucidate me on how my statement about being censored all the way back to July was so incorrect and deserved the kind of response it received.

        • Minister Fortson

          EVERY comment on my site must be approved. I don’t allow spam comments or false teaching or fake conservative news sources. I don’t care about fake conservative conspiracy theories or lies. If you want to say whatever you want to say regardless of how obviously false it is, then go pay for your own site and spread whatever lies and rumors you think God is OK with.

          If you want your comments posted, provide sources to your claims, and if even one single source contains a conservative lie, I’ll delete it. So waste your time if you want, but you’ve been warned.

          If you do not want to address the Republican party, then don’t bother. I will not be deflecting the conversation on this post to anything other than Republicans period. If you want to talk about Democrats, then find one of my Democrat bashing posts and post it on there. Bashing Democrats is not a defense or explanation as to why the Republican party is pure evil and wants to destroy the lives of Americans.

          There’s no such thing as a Christian Republican, and I’ll continue saying that until they stand up against the KKK like they do BLM and ANTIFA. The KKK has been an evil worse than ISIS on this planet for over 100 years, and yet Republicans don’t stand against it openly. There’s a reason for that.

    • Minister Fortson

      Feel free to lie on me if you wish. If you support Trump, you’re not a Christian anyway, so false opinion means nothing. Stop serving Satan and repent.

    • Daniel

      If I support Trump I’m not a Christian? How could you make such a blanket statement? Im not a fan of Trump. But by you saying that Republicans are racist has to make me wonder if your not a “Black power” Or Black race is the “true Race” Type of individual.
      BTW You never did say if you liked Obama or not

      • Minister Fortson

        Yes… if you support a racist, you’re a racist. Period.

        Republicans being racist have nothing to do with anything else other than the facts.

        Do you know what “black power” means or are you just bringing it up like the moron president did “Black-ish” simply based on the word “black”?

        I find it very telling that you didn’t wonder if I was a “don’t like racist Republicans” type of individual. You immediately jumped to “black power”. Thanks for proving my point.

        No such thing as a Christian Republican. Take responsibility for your own choices. People judge you by the company you keep.

        1. Trump said he has NEVER asked God for forgiveness and doesn’t need to.
        2. Trump clearly supports racists and racism.

        So if you don’t wanna be judged by the company you keep, then don’t support people that lie about being Christians and support racism. Otherwise, don’t complain when people make the connection between you and the company you choose to keep.

  • Not sure why you would bring my wife into this, but so be it.
    You stand against hate? Is that what you’re saying? You stand against hate with hate??? Not what Jesus did or said at all. Jesus would hang out with racist KKK members and love on them… he only called false teachers serpents and vipers… HE NEVER called the gentiles anything hate filled like you continue to do.

    Pray for your enemies. Of which, I am not one.

    • Minister Fortson

      You think because you married a black woman that you aren’t racist. Well, you are. Period.

      I haven’t preached “hate”. I’ve pointed out the facts about the scumbags blaspheming Christ by using the words “Christian” and “Republican” in the same sentence while making excuses for their support of a clearly racist president that belongs to a clearly racist party.

      Joel 3… he says he’ll DESTROY the Gentiles… but I guess destruction is less severe than calling names right? But you don’t actually read your Bible, which is clear.

      The fact that you defend racism proves my point about you.

      People judge you by the company you keep and you are a grown man that chooses to keep company with Nazis and racists. Birds of a feather flock together.

      • Birds of a feather flock together? We hung out for what over a year playing board games? Guess that makes you a racist too???? Why would you hang out with a known and obvious racist unless you agree with a racist agenda? I never hung out with KKK members…. but according to your own definition, you did just that. Do you see how silly you sound?

        • Minister Fortson

          I hung out with Virren and Jason. You were there and if you recall I’ve told you to your face that much of the stuff you said was racist.

          Furthermore, your friend George has said racist stuff to both myself and Virren, and you tried to make excuses for it every time. Virren and myself have discussed George and the fact that he feels comfortable enough around you to say racist stuff.


          Not hang out with George or support a scumbag like Trump. Not make excuses for racism. But you don’t have a Christian fiber in your body so it’s not surprising. You put on a fake persona of what you THINK a Christian should act like, but the truth is you’re just a hypocrite hiding who you truly are.

          I don’t hide who I am. Try being real for once.

  • Javier Santiago

    All I wanted to say Mr. Fortson… We’re living in a racially charged climate, please don’t lose sight that our savior is a loving God. It’s pretty obvious how angry you were when writing this and I’m probably the last person on earth to preach about controlling ones emotions. I’ve followed you over the last 7 years since your podcast and have read almost all of your books (great work btw) but don’t lose focus. The day I stand before our Lord and Savior… I pray with all my soul that I hear ” Well done, thou good and faithful servant”… what won’t be said is “Well done, thou good and faithful (insert skin color here)servant. Just worried about you bruh. Just me 2 cents… God bless you brother!

  • What would Jesus say about this subject? Remember Minister you are a representative of Jesus Christ in everything you do. Your words matter. They should reflect the same love that Jesus demonstrated on Earth. Your words are filled with vitriol and bitterness and rage. Instead of calling people scumbags, pray for them that they might come to discover Jesus Christ in their lives… even better rally your Audience to PRAY for them. I have struggled with anger for many years and often I let my words come out in ways that I know grieve the heart of God. I am praying for you brother Dante. We all need more prayer I think… there is more evidence that Jesus is coming SOOOOOOON all around us. Let us prepare.

    • Minister Fortson

      The sad thing is that you’re a racist and don’t even know it. You voted for this scumbag in the white house. You make excuses for racists and I don’t care if you have a black wife or not. You’re a racist that we basically tolerated in hopes that you would see the truth, but the fact is we’ve all come to the same conclusion about you. I even tried to defend you a few times, but that time has passed. Your American Joe channel proved who you really are, and you do not represent Christ in any way, shape, or form. You represent Satan’s kingdom to the core.

      Your VOTE was filled with hate, racism, and division just like Trump was. That’s the only reason you voted for Trump and not Ben Carson or Ted Cruz, who were clearly better choices. How about instead of voting for scumbags and keeping company with scumbag Republicans, you should repent and actually turn to Christ, instead of faking it like 100% of Trump supporters are doing.

      Christ called hypocrites hypocrites and serpents. He didn’t hold his tongue, so I’ll follow his example and not hold mine about these hypocrites and serpents in the White House, and those that support them.

      There’s no such thing as a Christian Republican.

      You either stand with hate, racism, and division, or you stand against it. Christ is coming soon to restore Israel to the land. Not fake European Jews… but those scattered throughout Africa as outlined in Isaiah 11:11. Next time you read your Bible, pick up a map and see how much of it takes place in Africa, then go pray to God and justify your defense of the abomination running and ruining America, and his defense of those that hate people of color.

      If you think they won’t answer to God, then you need to read Joel 3. All those that hate and oppress Israel will answer to God. Joel 3 is clear that he considers this an act of war.

      Let me know when you stop supporting the hate filled and racist Republican scumbags. Until then, you’re no different than David Duke and the rest of those hell bound wastes of life.

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