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Watching The Watchmen: L.A. Marzulli

I was gonna hold my tongue, but after reading a recent article (The Thin Veneer of Civility)… I’m not gonna do that. I fully believe that we need to start holding these “watchmen” accountable for what they are saying, as well as what THEY CHOOSE NOT TO SAY.

While I agree with almost the entire article, the fact is, I’m starting to doubt that Marzulli is actually watching anything other than Fox News and conservative media for his information… He’s either pushing an agenda or has decided to take a nap for a while. I thought his article was good until the very end, when he began the typical conservative rhetoric.

“If Hillary is elected we will see the end of America as we know it.” – L.A. Marzulli

Didn’t he say this in 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected? Didn’t most conservatives say this? And yet we haven’t seen the end of America as we know it… nor will we see it with Hillary, Trump, or anyone else is elected… and I’m going to tell you why.

  • The elites are in control of BOTH parties.
  • The elites tell BOTH parties who they will vote for.
  • No matter who you vote for, your leader will be RICH and elite.

As usual, we hear about the fabled end of America if we don’t vote for the Republican candidate we are told to vote for is… let’s just call it what it is… FEAR MONGERING and BULL**** for the sake of scaring up for votes for Trump.

  • Not once has Marzulli even attempted to warn you that Trump and Soros made a shady deal for Trump Tower in Chicago.
  • Not once has Marzulli pointed out Trump changing the subject whenever Soros is brought up.
  • Not once has Marzulli pointed out that Trump has historically been a Hillary supporter in word and via donations to her campaigns.
  • Not once has Marzulli given you 100% of the information (good or bad), and let the chips fall where they may.

Marzulli’s agenda, or maybe financial obligation (Trump ads on his site) to the Trump campaign is what seems to be driving his motives. How else can you explain the complete lack of research, from a self proclaimed researcher, on Trump and all of the pro Trump propaganda appearing on his site? Marzulli has done so much Trump butt kissing, that I’m starting to question his sexuality (not literally).

  • Is Marzulli being paid by Trump? If he is, he should be honest and say so. At least then we’ll know why he’s not willing to tell the truth about Trump.
  • Is Marzulli just choosing to take a nap on this one? If he is, he should be honest and say so. At least then we’ll know waking people up is not his agenda.

Either way, something is up. No real watchman would ever tell anyone to vote for Trump or Hillary. It’s like telling you to vote for Satan because he’s better than Lucifer. Let it sink in for a moment… especially if you believe in a lesser of two evils. Moving on.


A Race War? LOL

“Obama has done little to heal our nation and in fact, has created a class war, and perhaps a race war. He has done little in the way of bringing us together.” – L.A. Marzulli

I’ll put it to you like this… the ONLY PEOPLE that I’ve personally heard talking about a race war are conservatives (specifically white conservatives). Nobody is planning for a race war except conservatives. In fact, I can’t even recall ever once hearing a black person talk about starting or participating in a race war. And before you say “but BLM…” let me show you something about BLM:

Look At All of The Divided People

Look At All of The Divided People

More Racial Division Caused By Obama

More Racial Division Caused By Obama

This Division Is Unacceptable

This Division Is Unacceptable

All of This Division Across America

All of This Division Across America

Black and White People Divided Together

Black and White People Divided Together

These Older Women Look Divided

These Older Women Look Divided

Fun Fact: The original Black Panthers were not racists, as conservative media would have you believe. They worked with white people and even helped found a branch called The White Panthers, made up of white volunteers, to help bridge the racial divide. They’ve been demonized by Fox News and Republicans ever since (this statement does not apply to The New Black Panthers).

ONLY conservatives are pushing the OUTRIGHT LIE that the nation is “more divided than ever” and the other lie that “Obama has set race relations back 60 years”. Anyone that looks at anything other than conservative media can clearly see that the nation is uniting. The ONLY people feeling divided are conservatives, David Duke, and the KKK. Nobody else… just them.

When Will The Division End?

When Will The Division End?

Let’s get back to Obama possibly creating a race war… riiiight… because Lord knows race relations in America were absolutely excellent before Obama was elected (sarcasm):

  • Obama did not force people to own slaves.
  • Obama did not force people to support segregation.
  • Obama did not did not found the KKK.
  • Obama did not force the KKK to lynch black people.
  • Obama did not force the media to ignore black people’s complaints about the police for 60+ years.
  • Obama did not force America to target blacks and Latinos in the Drug War, for the sole purpose of filling prisons for profit and continuing slavery via the 13th Amendment.
  • Obama did not force police to kill unarmed black people in 1950 or 2016. They did that because they wanted to.
  • Obama did not force the police to sick dogs on black people for marching and protesting segregation in the 60s.
  • Obama did not force police to spray black people with water hoses during protests in the 1960s.
  • Obama did not force the U.S. government to BOMB Black Wall Street.
  • Obama did not force the U.S. government to use black soldiers in WW2 as guinea pigs.
  • Obama did not force white doctors to inject black men with syphilis without their knowledge of what was going on (Tuskegee Experiment).

Fun Fact: BET is NOT owned by a black person. It’s owned by Viacom, and has been since 2003. Most black people DESPISE the channel… so stop bringing it up in conversations about race.

I could go on and on posting the TRUTH about America’s racist history… but the fact is, Obama didn’t cause a class or a race war. Bankers caused the class war and 366 years of American slavery and oppression has caused racial tension, but not a race war. People were fed up long before Obama took a presidential oath… and that’s a fact.

The only way not to know any of the above is to literally ignore it. We live in the information age, and it really takes a colossal amount of effort to not know anything about Trump, BLM, Hillary, BET, the original Black Panthers or anything else outside of conservative media… but Marzulli is pushing the narrative that he’s either fallen for or been paid to push.

  • If he’s fallen for the narrative, he’s not awake.
  • If he’s doing it for the money, he’s deceiving people on purpose.

The Last Hope!!! LOL

“Trump, in my opinion, is our last hope. If he is taken out or if Hillary wins, and mark my words, we will descend into further chaos and anarchy. Of course this is what the elites want, Out of Chaos, Order.” – L.A. Marzulli

Let me say this slowly… TRUMP IS A BILLIONAIRE… he is one of the elite. Soros won’t lend me $160,000,000… Soros won’t lend you $160,000,000… Soros won’t lend Marzulli $160,000,000… but he did lend $160,000,000 to Trump… but ignore the man (Soros) behind the tower (Trump Tower). The RNC is not above corruption… and we saw that in 2012 when they outright lied and cheated Ron Paul in the Primary (I warned my readers in 2012, when other people refused to do so).

If you think Trump and Clinton are anything other than part of the elite, you’re still sleep and sadly mistaken.








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  • kyle

    thank you for talking about L.A. marzulli !! i thought i was the only one that seen something wrong .. although he talks about alot of good stuff to learn from i believe he is money hungry and hungry for power !! but i think we should all pray for him !!!

  • No thank you for the response! Sorry it took so long to get back, I’ve been busy lately and haven’t checked this site in a little while.

    I totally agree though, fear doesn’t stop anyone from researching the truth one way or another in a physical sense (though some may choose not to out of fear of being wrong or their views being crushed, that I have seen), and quite honestly you don’t even have to do any research into Trump or Clinton to realize that neither one is really a good option and that the LORD isn’t behind either one of them. So many pastors are backing Trump because either A. he’s Republican (he’s really not because there’s really no difference between the parties anyways), B. claims to be Christian, and C. because they know how evil Hillary is. But what they seem to fail to see is that Trump is A. not a good representation of Christ and therefore hurting the cause of Christ (in my opinion) and B. clearly doesn’t care about the Christian agenda as he’s making friends with all sides, Christian, homosexual community, etc. just to gain support!

    Unfortunately I think the watchmen who have bought this have either been blinded or have intentionally made themselves blind to it and there’s no excuse for that. I just pray that the truth will be revealed to them before it’s too late.

  • Thanks for the response. I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Thanks for the response. Inevitably, there will always be some people that want violence in any group. To my knowledge, BLM doesn’t have an official membership. People just show up with signs, and in some cases they write #BLM, but have no association with the actual group. That’s what the media is choosing not to say.

    As far as this “fear” it’s fake. Fear doesn’t stop anyone from researching Trump, RNC, BLM, or anything else. There is a difference between fear and fake fear. If there was a genuine concern, I’d think they’d be concerned with putting out as much truth as possible to avoid the situation that we’re in now. Instead they want to back a man that has run multiple businesses into the ground, been accused of all sorts of shady business activity, and has ZERO experience.

    Republicans were clearly “scared” of the black guy’s lack of experience, but now that it’s a white guy, suddenly it’s a positive thing? It’s a double standard, and nothing else.

  • You are right about the Tuskegee experiment. I wrote that after a conversation about Philadelphia (the movie) with Denzel and Tom Hanks. I’ll correct that. Thanks.

    Ron Paul would’ve been nominated if there was any shred of decency in the Republican party. That, above all other things, was the eye opener to just how corrupt and immoral the party is.

  • Thanks. Yeah, most of these guys will believe anything conservative because they have been brainwashed. They claim to be “awake”, but ignore absolutely everything about Republicans and do little to no research on any racial issue they speak on. That’s why I don’t deal with or care to deal with many of these people.

  • No, you’re wrong about racism. It’s a daily thing with people on an individual level. I get the emails and the stupid comments on my site. The only people even pitching a race war, in my experience, have been white conservatives that know nothing about anything. They hear it said, so they repeat it as if it’s true. Marzulli is an example of that.

    Quayle also blindly pushes the Republican party, no matter how bad or reprehensible the candidate. All they do is make excuses for why it’s OK for Republican candidates to do anything they want, but the same is not OK for any other candidate.

    Trust me when I tell you that there are more of these type of articles coming, and I’ll be naming other people.