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"For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ." - Galatians 1:10

Satan, A Pyramid, and Strange Messages

Hold on to your seats because this is about to get interesting. Before I start today’s post, I feel the need to start with a disclaimer. I’m very careful about saying that God told me something because I’ve seen many Christians be deceived by messages that they thought were from God. All voices, dreams, and visions are not from God, so it’s important to use discernment before making the claim. With that said, I’m not claiming that the following chain of events originated from God, but they sure are strange.

Several months ago I was playing with my camera and took some pictures of the city from a distance and I caught the Luxor in the picture, but no big deal. Yesterday morning I was looking through my pictures and ran across it. This time it stood out, but no big deal.

Fast forward to last night and I was having trouble sleeping. I had a dream I was in a big building and inside the building was something like a church. There were a few Christians sitting there praying. Outside of the doors were several monks. At the very front of the church was Satan. Not sure how I knew, but I did and there was some serious spiritual warfare going on in the place to the point that I could feel it. The monks were Satanists that began to engage in spiritual warfare with the few Christians in the room. If it was a movie it would have been anticlimactic because it didn’t look like anything was going on, but I could feel it.

This morning I checked my email and found the following comment had been posted on my website.

Minister Fortson,

I receive a message from a very concerned saint pertaining to an attack from a satanist on a video they posted. These folks (satanists) are supposedly meeting in your area (Las Vegas) on Friday. Here is the message:

@savebygrace12 We are headed to Las Vegas on Friday, where we will stay in the Luxor (big black pyramid) and renounce the filthy christ! HAiLING SATAN AS THE ONLY GOD! Grand High Climax 2011, Luxor Las Vegas, HAIL SATAN!

The video & message thread is at

I am not sure if the person is troll, it is a hoax or what, but just in case, please ask the members of your congregation to be in prayer.

Yah bless!!!

Bro. KJ

For those of you that don’t know the history of the Luxor, this is not a surprise. Quite a few people died during the building of it and it once housed King Tut’s corpse. My mom pointed out that she hasn’t seen the obelisk that use to stand near it, and they have completely removed the Nile River that once flood through the building. All kinds of different legends and stories surround that building, so I’m asking everyone to stay in prayer this weekend just in case there is something to this event. I did manage to dig up the following information on the Grand High Climax.

“In The Edge of Evil “Grand High Climax” is said to be a major holiday celebrated by Satanists on December 24. Evangelical Christian author Jerry Johnston says in this book that it is a celebration meant to juxtapose the Christian holiday of Christmas Eve, when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. However this goal to blaspheme is not always prevalent.” – Wikipedia

Let me point out that I could not find anything regarding this event in connection to the Luxor.

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  • Minister Fortson

    I actually have several older articles on my website about the origins of Christmas and Easter if you want to check them out.

  • Issacsgma

    I am so thankful you know the truth about christmas.I will be praying.We certainly have a battle on our hands.I agree the Gods of old are the fallen ones.

  • Minister Fortson

    Not sure if you read the link, but the Grand High Climax isn’t a gather against Christmas. It’s a prayer and ritual gathering against Christians, otherwise I’d agree with you. Satan isn’t going to gather his people to pray against himself. I believe the gods of old were fallen angels and Satan is aware of that. We also need to be aware the the other side is engaging in spiritual warfare against us. With that said, I agree with you about Christmas being a pagan holiday.

  • Issacsgma

    I would not be so concerned it is Satan against satan .This is a fight againts two pagan GOds when are people going to learn that christmas is a pagan holiday and we are not suppose to worship other Gods.God himself is going to stop people from worsipping other gods.The only ones that could be affected by this are the ones not willing to let go of this pagan holiday.I do believe it was a clear message to you.Because you have many people who will listen to you and you can warn them how serious this is .Yah said in the end demons will fight against themselves.yahweh is in control of this.Come out of her my people and touch NOT the unclean thing.

    I think more people should be concerned with the message in the video than what the satanist said Dante it was a clear message to many.not to celabrate christmas and say you are doing it for Me (Jesus)

    Jer.10 if it is not a Christmas tree but about a GRAVEN IMAGE Why are we bowing down to graven images

    “Do not learn the ways of the nations [heathens] . . .” Is this a commandment are not?
    (Jer.10:2 NIV).

    Ezekiel 16:39 Then I will give you to these many nations who are your lovers, and they will destroy you. They will knock down your pagan shrines and the altars to your idols. They will strip you and take your beautiful jewels, leaving you stark naked.

    Double Portion Inheritance: “Why Don’t You Preach the Gospel Instead of Bashing Christ-Mass?” (12/15/2011“why-don’t-you-preach-the-gospel-instead-of-bashing-christ-mass?”-12/15/2011&Itemid=119