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"For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ." - Galatians 1:10

The Gradual Systematic Extermination of The Human Race

What if I told you that there was a plan in place to systematically exterminate the human race over a period of time? Would you believe me? What if I told you that the human race was almost eradicated in the distant past due to biological tampering?

This isn’t an article designed to instill fear, but an article written to encourage you to ask questions and use common sense. Some of you reading this have very strong opinions about what the future of mankind will be like, and some of you have never given it a second thought. My intent is to offend you, entertain you, and enlighten you all at once. Throughout this article you will find many links to different resources all over the web. Make sure you click the links as you read. Without further ado, lets make it happen.

Hybrids Among Us

Transhumanism and Genetic Armageddon

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The Destruction of The Family Unit

Throughout history, the traditional family has been the backbone of the individual. The father, mother, and children all relied on each other to make it through life. The Feminismcurrent notion that a woman doesn’t need a man or that a man doesn’t need a woman is preposterous (I don’t talk like that in real life). This ideology was birthed from the Feminist Movement and has penetrated society at its very core.

Deep down, as people, we know that we must form groups or packs to survive. Those without a stable family unit have a higher tendency to form gangs or group with the wrong crowd for survival (not actually backed by factual information). Specifically here in America, the divorce rate has risen over 50% because the current law of the land has intentionally made it easy to break up the family unit simply by putting ink to paper.

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The Destruction of The Individual

It is through the guise of keeping us safe that our government has embarked upon the mission to strip us, as individuals, of God given freedoms through the creation of laws. We have been brainwashed to believe that laws help protect us, but that is simply not true.

Prison SystemConsider for a moment that you are a law abiding citizen that sincerely desires to live within the constraints of the law. Let’s assume that all of your life you’ve enjoyed fishing on public land, and you’ve used as many poles as you wanted. One day you wake up, and unbeknownst to you, the law has changed and you now need a permit to fish and you can only use one fishing pole. If you aren’t aware of this law, you are now a criminal in the eyes of the law and you need to be punished. That punishment will come via heavy fines or imprisonment or both. Believe it or not, there is actually such a law on the books, here in Nevada.

The American prison system is designed to cycle the individual in and out in order to create a market of free labor for greedy individuals and corporations. A felony conviction of any kind makes it very hard to find work, which forces the individual back into a life of crime, which forces them back into prison. Why is it necessary to have a criminal record if you have paid your debt to society?

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The Destruction of The Mind

Through propaganda, we have been brainwashed to believe that men in lab coats know better than God. Even those of us that call ourselves Christians have fallen victim to putting our faith in man. Let’s take the two extreme examples of marijuana and prescription drugs. We have been conditioned to refer to marijuana as a drug and to refer to actual drugs as medicine. We have been conditioned to demonize a plant made by God, and glorify pharmakeia made by man. We have been conditioned to believe that marijuana, which has no history of killing anyone, is far more dangerous than prescription drugs that have multiple side effects, some of which include death.


Why did I choose marijuana? Because it’s a plant and it gets people riled up. Think about that for a moment. We have been conditioned to evoke hostile emotional reactions over a plant. A plant that has been shown to positively defend the body against cancer, a plant that has been shown to restore the appetite in AIDS patients, a plant that has been shown to make people laugh hysterically, even though studies have proven that laughing extends life. We have been conditioned to have this strong emotional reaction to a plant created by God, and yet we as a culture feel we are somehow enlightened.

Another reason I specifically chose marijuana is because the consequences of being caught in possession of this specific plant and its byproducts are far worse than the consequences of actually smoking it. Did you know that if you are caught with marijuana and arrested, you can’t get a student loan? That means unless you have cash, you can’t further your education. Without higher education, it is very difficult to achieve a better financial position in life. That usually means living at or below the poverty level, which leads to crime, which leads to prison, which goes back to the previously mentioned cycle. Ask yourself: Why are so many lives being destroyed over a plant? Even the police have started to ask this question, and have taken the L.E.A.P. toward ending prohibition.

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The Destruction of The Body

Why is it that a majority of the food that is available to us is processed and not organic? Why is it illegal to transport raw milk and citrus across state lines, but not illegal to transport Bleach, Advil, or any other prescription drug that can kill you with a high enough dosage? We have been told that the issue is public safety, but is that true? Nope… They just want everyone to remain Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.


Organic farmers have to jump through legal hoops just to label their food as organic, but if you choose to grow your food with chemicals, there are fewer legal hurdles to jump. It is easier to find and buy a processed cheeseburger with bacon, mayo, and cheese than it is to buy an apple. If you don’t believe me, go to five fast food places and see for yourself how many of them sell apples.

In the grocery store it is cheaper to buy “fruit juice” made with high fructose corn syrup, soon to be labeled as corn sugar, than it is buy actual fruit and juice it yourself. High fructose corn syrup has been proven to cause a higher percentage of weight gain than the same foods made without it. That weight gain is then labeled as a medical condition, which sends you to the doctor so that they can put you on prescription drugs that usually have between five and twenty side effects. Those side effects require more medication with more side effects, and so on.

Hybrids Among Us

Transhumanism and Genetic Armageddon

The push toward transhumanism could be the beginning of the end of the human race as we know it. This FREE 106 page ebook reveals the hidden agenda behind the drive to be more than human.

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The Destruction of Communication

OMG, Facebook friends have begun replacing actual friends and TXT has all but replaced meaningful vocal conversation. Sometimes I just sit back and ROFLMAO at the fact that I don’t have time to spell out full sentences anymore. Am I the only one that is bothered by the concept of condensing every day communication down to 140 characters at a time? It’s enough to make you say, FML!


Now days, I can’t even be bothered with YouTube videos longer than five minutes in length, and every shot in a movie is less than five seconds (count and see for yourself). Is it any wonder that more kids than ever have been diagnosed with ADD? And of course they’ve got a pill for that. If you can’t write something and get your point across in 140 characters or feed me information in less than five minutes, then I just might lose my concentration.

The Destruction of Personal Responsibility

ronaldFortunately, for those of us that can’t find a good job, can’t type, can’t read, can’t write, and can’t form a complete sentence, there is always the option of suing those responsible for said conditions. You better hope that I don’t spill coffee on myself because it’s not my responsibility to know that coffee is hot. It’s not my responsibility to know that the ground is wet outside when it’s raining, so you better have your “Wet Floor” sign handy. It’s not my fault that I Super Size my meal at McDonald’s. And just so those of us that call ourselves Christians don’t feel left out, the Devil makes us do all of the above.

We live in a society where nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions and luckily for us, we don’t actually have to. All we have to do is go to the nearest court and file suit against any and everyone that doesn’t hold our hands like two year olds crossing the street.

The Destruction of Common Sense

Alcohol Prohibition didn’t work, so let’s try the exact same thing again with marijuana. Gun prohibition isn’t working in Chicago, so let’s try the exact same thing again across the country.  Regulating alcohol and tobacco has been very effective… let’s not try that again. Need I say more?

gun control 2

The Destruction of Species

What’s with the sudden interest in tampering with the human genome and blurring the lines of what it means to be human? Almost every week there’s some scientist in some lab that wants to make humans part animal or make animals part human. Then there are the guys that want to make the machines more human and make humans more like machines. I have exactly six words for you: Terminator, Satyrs, Minotaur, Thundercats, Splice, iRobot… None of those realities are even remotely appealing, especially the Thundercats. The last thing we need are heavily armed, lion human hybrids, wearing onesies, running around with an attitude. One PETA member’s wet dream is a sane person’s nightmare.

And Now For The Tin Foil Hats

ufo-cartoonI hope you have yours properly fitted because this is going to be a bumpy ride. What if I told you all of the above had been coordinated and orchestrated by a super secret organization more powerful than any military force on the planet? If your first thought is that I’m referring to the Illuminati, I’m sitting here SMH at you. I’m talking about E.T., and not the short creepy guy with the long glowing fingers.

The Sumerians believed the gods came down from the sky with the sole purpose of enslaving mankind. The Hebrews believed that fallen angels came down from the sky to corrupt the human race. Pretty much every culture at some point in history believed that the beings that came from the sky weren’t exactly humanitarians… yet our modern society believes that E.T. will come or has come to save us. If you think that, please refer back to the previous section.

If E.T. comes it won’t be to save us. This is something I talk about extensively in my book, As The Days of Noah Were. There is absolutely no reason or basis to believe that E.T. has evolved into benevolent beings that travel the universe doing good deeds. All we have to do is look at the human race to understand what will happen if and when E.T. does arrive. Did Cortes help the Aztecs? Did Columbus help the Natives? Did Americans help the Iraqis? No. History has proven that the more technologically advanced we are, the more efficiently we think of ways to kill, torture, and enslave. America, for example, is considered one of the most advanced nations on earth, and we are also the only nation to have ever used a nuclear weapon to kill hundreds of thousands of people, we also imprison about 25% of the world’s population, and who can forget Guantanamo Bay?

It is also my opinion that E.T. isn’t actually E.T. For the life of me I can’t understand why people continually make excuses for the lies they have told us throughout history, assuming there is any truth to the stories. There is nothing more annoying than a person trying to convince me that E.T. is benevolent and evolved, yet in the same breath they explain why E.T. needed to lie to us all throughout history about being gods, angels, etc. Basically, we are expected to believe that there is an entire race of space traveling compulsive liars that want nothing more than to help out a technologically inferior species. I’ve seen Independence Day, so excuse me if I don’t join you on the roof top with welcome signs, when and if they arrive.

What Does It All Mean?

Quite frankly, there is very little hope for the human race. We are hurdling toward a society similar to Idiocracy (if you haven’t seen it already, watch it), where we aren’t just drinking the Kool-Aid, but we are trying to water the plants with it as well. When all these points are taken into consideration, one can’t help but heed the words of Christ:

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…” – Matthew 24:22

Hybrids Among Us

Transhumanism and Genetic Armageddon

The push toward transhumanism could be the beginning of the end of the human race as we know it. This FREE 106 page ebook reveals the hidden agenda behind the drive to be more than human.

*PDF Delivered Via Email

Got Salvation?: Ask for forgiveness of your past sins, believe that Jesus is the son of God, believe that He died and resurrected to save you from your sins, and invite Him into your heart to be your Lord and Savior. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." - Romans 10:13
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  • Mable Magillicuddy

    If you can watch the short movie THEY LIVE, by all means do! It is exactly what is being done to us! A race of malevolent aliens has promised our 1 percenters they can have a huge amount of wealth and power if they help remove the human race from this planet! These rich idiots like Kissinger, Rockefeller, Soros and Gates don’t realize that once the aliens have gotten what they want, there is no guarantee they will honor their promises! George Soros will have his head whacked off just as easily as that poor news photographer! Hooray!

  • Minister Fortson

    Yes, I definitely misunderstood your comment. Jasher contradicts the Bible as to the reason for the flood. That’s just for starters. Read the first few chapters and compare what it has to say with what the Bible says.

  • Victor D Easley

    Brother, I was defining preterism, not defending it. Only a fool would take that view, IMO. I am curious, though, where Jasher contradicts the bible. I certainly do not treat it as infallible but I do have a certain degree of confidence in the historical text. I encourage you to reread my comment since it was obviously misunderstood. Blessings to you because you are doing mighty things!

  • Minister Fortson

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    While Jasher is endorsed by the Bible, please be aware that there are multiple versions in circulations and which one is the genuine is still in question. There are several places that Jasher contradicts scripture, so I do not use it as canon.

    As far as all prophecy already being fulfilled, that’s not true. The times of the gentiles is a prophecy. Satan has not been bound, Christ has not come to reign. We have not gone through the tribulation. We have not seen most of what Revelation talks about either. You may really want to listen to more Missler because he does not take the view that all prophecy has been fulfilled.

  • Doug Hudson

    While some high fructose corn syrups may claim that their product contains all-natural ingredients, the processing sequence may involve the use of artificial and synthetic agents.

  • Brother Dante, I just finished “As the Days of Noah Were”. Very well done, sir. I was mainly impressed that your doctrine was right on and didn’t deviate to the weird. I cannot imagine the time it took to study, assimilate and organize such a vast amount of information. You reviewed much that I have already studied but added a needed perspective on it.
    I especially liked the Noah analogy being sealed w/i one week before the Flood. It was new to me. Thanks.
    I noticed that you did speculate somewhat in some areas. These questions such as “Was there a flood before Noah’s?”, “How long did it take for Noah to build the Ark?” and few others can be answered in “The Book of Jasher” by Ken Johnson. It is endorsed by scripture so I put more credence in it than the Book of Enoch. I encourage you to purchase the book. It also mentions hybrids after the flood and briefly touches on hybridization before the Flood.
    Only other point of contention was on page 267. I agree with Chuck Missler that Luke 21:20-24 is talking about 70 AD. And this is not preterism, all prophecy has already been fulfilled. We are waiting, however, for the times of the Gentiles to be fulfilled. Maranantha!
    Very, very well done. It was an educational and an enlightening book that never deviated from scripture. I have full respect for you as a Christian brother. The Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you. Keep up the good work.

  • KeithW

    Good job Dante. I have been burden lately to write the same type of information. Thanks

  • Paula Holland

    Wow! You are spot on, Minister Fortson! I have been awake a little over a year to the true realities of what is really going on. Whenever the government says they’re doing something for our “safety” then look out.

    Keep up the good work!