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"For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ." - Galatians 1:10

Serpent Seed Doctrine – The Gospel of Satan

Jesus warned us about these very people that would claim to be Jews and are not in His letter to Smyrna.  He refers to this as BLASPHEMY (Revelation 2:9). Of all the false teachers that push this theory, Arnold Murray is probably the biggest offender of the bunch. He has convinced tens of thousands of people that Caucasians are the real tribes of Israel that came over the Caucus Mountains to found Great Brittan and America.

The thing that annoys me most about Serpent Seed Doctrine is how deceived people are that follow it. They actually believe they are teaching Biblical truth, but can’t show you any of it in the Bible. Go figure. They completely twist and misrepresent John 8 in order to justify their racist beliefs. In fact, here is a BIBLICAL breakdown of John 8 with direct links to the Strong’s Concordance that shows the lies of Serpent Seed Doctrine holders.

The Nail In The Serpent Seed Coffin

Serpent Seed Doctrine believers refer to John 8 when Jesus calls the Pharisees (not all Jews) “of your father the Devil.” Any person that believes the Bible and actually reads the entire chapter will immediately realize that Serpent Seed believers are INTENTIONALLY being deceptive because they quickly read over or completely skip the words directly from the mouth of Jesus.

“I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.” – John 8:37

What did Jesus say? “I KNOW THAT YE ARE ABRAHAM’S SEED…” Period, end of story, but I’d love to see them snake their way out of explaining that one (pun intended). What they are doing is calling Jesus a liar the same as they do to the Holy Spirit when they claim that Satan was Cain’s father. Read Genesis 4:1 and the Bible is 100% clear who’s Cain’s father is.

Backed Into A Corner

Serpent Seed Doctrine holders have backed themselves into a rather ironic and absurd corner. One of the most ridiculous arguments they make is that “Cain doesn’t appear in the genealogy of Adam.” They are referring to Genesis 5, which is specifically talking about the line of Seth. Genesis 4 contains the Genealogy of Cain which starts with Adam (yep, they ignore that completely).  So let’s assume that this moronic idea is even remotely true.

According to Serpent Seed believers, Genesis 3:15 refers to Cain and Abel, and Abel is the son of Adam. Wait for it… Ask any Serpent Seed believer why Abel doesn’t appear in “Adam’s Genealogy” in Genesis 5 if he was Adam’s son. What makes this funny is that it is a major part of their argument, but neither Cain nor Abel appear in what they refer to as Adam’s genealogy. I’d love to hear one explain that. If any of my readers out there come across an explanation for this, please by all means share it with us all by posting a comment with a link.

Arnold Murray Screws Up

Below you will see a short video in which Arnold Murray says that Abel was not Adam’s son because Abel never had children. Did you know that if you don’t have children you are not actually related to your father? Yeah, neither did I.

I guess all of the Arnold Murray followers now have to follow their false teacher and start claiming that Abel was not Adam’s son or completely ignore him and keep claiming that he was. I’m glad I don’t worship Murray or rely 100% on his teachings.

Still Waiting For A Response

I released Serpent Seed: Debunked at the beginning of this year with an open challenge to any Serpent Seed Doctrine holder out there to dispute it using nothing but the Bible, and to date, there hasn’t been a single blog, book, video, radio interview or anything else that will address the issue using only scripture in context. The reason is because it can’t be done because the Bible does not support this false theory. I guess I’ll be waiting until the return of Christ for a strictly Biblical response.

Divine Intervention

As far as I know I have the ONLY anti-Serpent Seed book in circulation at the moment. This week, in their haste to spread their Satanic Serpent Seed Doctrine, someone made a YouTube video and added my book as a resource. This person was pro Serpent Seed, so I assume they haven’t read the book. That video ended up on a website that ranks #449 in India. Thank God that Serpent Seed believers don’t actually do any research or they might have realized that my book was listed right next to Arnold Murray’s name. Thank God He had his hand in that.

Your Reviews Are Needed

A lot of you have bought my books, As The Days of Noah Were, Serpent Seed: Debunked, and Religion and Relationship. I definitely appreciate it and would love to get your feedback. If you have read any of my books, please take a few minutes to post a review on Amazon. Your reviews help others decide whether or not they want to buy the book, which in turn supports the ministry. So please, please, please leave an Amazon review for any of my books. Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to do that for me.

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  • kyle

    I think you was talking about this guy when i first found your site !! after listening to him just once it turned my tummy !!! but your explanation was good for me .. what i dont get is why someone would want to lie about this ?? and i beleive he knows he is lieing !!! the only thing i can figure is he dont beleive in God .but how can one not beleive in God ???. if you did beleive in God you would have to have some kinda fear , wouldnt you ?? God created everything And if anyone has ever read the bible they can clearly see what He can do , Good or bad !!!