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Latte Espresso – A Must Own Resource

This isn’t your average mp3 player, and in my opinion, its better than any similar Apple device on the market. Did I mention that its more affordable as well? The Latte Espresso ($69.99) is definitely a must have if you are a serious student of the Word.

My Personal Experience

I first got my hands on the Latte Espresso in 2009. I originally bought it from after reading the description. At first glance it looks like a small block with a screen. What I didn’t know is that it serves as a back up hard drive as well as an mp3 and movie player. The reviews aren’t that great, but my experience with it was pretty good.

There is also one very awesome feature that makes it more than worth buying. It has a built in FM tuner that allows you to broadcast from your device directly to any radio within radius. I used it in my car (before I dropped it in water). I could turn on my music playlist or Chuck Missler playlist (most of the time), and let it go for hours.

So if you’re anything like me and happen not to have an mp3, USB, or iPod hook up in your car, you may want to consider picking one of these up. If you already have an iPod or iPhone, but don’t have the hookups in your car, you can always grab the generic radio transmitter for $6.54. Alternatively, you can get the Monster Radio Play 300 universal transmitter ($19.99), which works with iPhone, iPod, and Android devices. I’ve never used them, so I don’t know how well they work.

The Cons

  • The touch sensor isn’t the greatest.
  • Battery life is terrible so you need a USB car charger for prolonged play.

I’m not sure if its a con or not, but it uses the old USB charger, which is pretty hard to find now days, so you’ll need this cord ($5.49) and this adapter ($4.99) to keep it fully charged while driving.

Get Your Study Time In

Again, if you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on an Android or Apple device, the two cheaper options below might be what you need. Another use I didn’t mention above is that you can listen to all of your iTunes shows in your car and stream them directly from your iPod or iPhone. You can get sons of study time in while you drive. If you don’t own an iPod, iPhone, or Android device, the Latte Espresso might be the cheaper option. I just bought my 2nd one and I’m still a fan, regardless of what the reviews say on Amazon.

Hybrids Among Us

Transhumanism and Genetic Armageddon

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