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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Genesis 5

Much of my current interest in genealogies came from a breakdown that of the meanings of the names, which I first heard from Chuck Missler. In fact, I was so inspired by what was revealed in the names that I continued to read it over and over again throughout the years. I recently dug up one of my old notebooks from my senior year in high school, and it contained a timeline that I put together, so I figured I’d share it.

You’re going to want to bookmark this page, add it to your favorites, and tell everyone you know (use the social buttons to the left or at the bottom). Without further ado, here is everything you want to know about Genesis 5.

Genesis 5 Lifespans


Timeline From Year 0

All deaths are marked in red.

  • 0: Adam Created
  • 130: Seth Born
  • 235: Enos Born
  • 325: Cainan Born
  • 395: Mahalaleel Born
  • 460: Jared Born
  • 622: Enoch Born
  • 687: Methuselah Born
  • 874: Lamech Born
  • 930: Adam Dies
  • 987: Enoch Taken
  • 1042: Seth Dies
  • 1056: Noah Born
  • 1140: Enos Dies
  • 1235: Cainan Dies
  • 1290: Mahalaleel Dies
  • 1422: Jared Dies
  • 1556: Shem, Ham, and Japheth Born
  • 1651: Lamech Dies
  • 1656: Methuselah Dies and Flood Comes

*The Bible indicates that each of the men listed above had additional sons and daughters during their lifetime, but they are not named in scripture.

**The Antediluvian (pre flood) period lasted for 1,656 years.

The Meaning of The Names

  1. Adam (Man)
  2. Seth (Appointed)
  3. Enos (Mortal)
  4. Kenan (Sorrow)
  5. Mahalalel (The Blessed God)
  6. Jared (Shall Come Down)
  7. Enoch (Teaching)
  8. Methuselah (His Death Shall Bring)
  9. Lamech (The Despairing)
  10. Noah (Rest, or Comfort)

 The Noahic Calendar

  1. Tishri (September – October)
  2. Cheshevan (October – November)
  3. Kislev (November – December)
  4. Tevet (December – January)
  5. Shevat (January – February)
  6. Adar (February – March)
  7. Nisan (March – April)
  8. Iyar (April – May)
  9. Sivan (May – June)
  10. Tammuz (June – July)
  11. Av (July – August)
  12. Elul (August – September)

*The calendar was changed in Exodus 12:2 and the 7th month (Nisan) became the first month.

Population Prior To The Flood

There are quite a few theories about how many people there were before Noah’s Flood. Here are three different sources that you can check out for yourself.

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More Pre Flood Research Material

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    I love chuck !!!! i just got done watching this video in the last week along with several others !! i love listening to him , this guy is so smart about almost everything that he has a hard time keeping up with his brain .. i have a great deal of respect for him !!