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Past Lives – Scientific Reality or New Age Nonsense?

Recently, I heard something in regards to human DNA, which immediately made me think of people who believe in “past lives”. I don’t believe anything is completely random, but what I heard was just in passing, so I decided to do some research into the matter.

Definition of Past Lives

In a nutshell, those that believe in past lives, believe they have lived before as something or someone else. Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis that helps people “remember” bits and pieces of information from those lives.

Scientific Research

Apparently, there are some scientists that believe information, such as memories from our ancestors can be passed on via DNA. Below are a few links you can check out, which should get you caught up to the point I want to make. There is a lot more that you can read, but these three should be fine for now.

  1. Can We Remember Our Ancestor’s Lives?
  2. Digital Files Stored and Retrieved Using DNA
  3. Genetic Memory

I think there could be something to the first article on the list. What if those that believe in past lives aren’t as crazy as they may seem? What if they are actually misinterpreting the memories of their ancestors as past lives of their own? Many people have claimed to be King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, etc. throughout history, but what if they are only just related in some way and simply have random access to those memories? Is it possible that genetic memory could provide an explanation as to why we sometimes experience Deja Vu?

This is just food for thought. The reason I brought up this topic is because its so easy for us as Christians to sometimes dismiss anything that doesn’t seem to fit into what we think we know about God, the Bible, and reality in general.

The Great Distraction

If the concept of genetic memory in humans pans out, I wonder if it is being used as a means to push the concept of reincarnation, which is what would be required in order for one to have lived a past life. The enemy has a history of trying to pervert God’s Word and God’s creation.

I haven’t come to a conclusion one way or the other, but feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, theories, or opinions on this subject.

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  • Minister Fortson

    Thanks for sharing. I too have those feelings like I’ve done certain things before. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they continue researching this area before we know for sure or not if genetic memory is real.

  • mira

    Minister Fortson you maybe onto something there about genetic memory.
    I found out i had a african ancestor named Anna that was kidnapped from Ethopia as a child.she was lead unto a boat with a red piece of candy. which may explain why i love the water(although i can’t swim) and the beaches of South Carolina. i once took a trip to Myrtle Beach. It felt like i had been there before. The flat land and beach felt more like home than home. I also have had a love for red objects especially candy all my life.HUM?

  • Minister Fortson

    You are correct that there isn’t any evidence, but that has no bearing on weather or not its true. Keep in mind that at one point, there was no scientific evidence that people on opposite sides of the earth could communicate instantly through a device known as a phone. Until recently in history, there was no evidence that mail could be sent around the world with the click of a button. We are learning new things every day.

    You assume it doesn’t do us any good. Maybe some people can access them and some people can’t. The fact is that you can’t just dismiss it because science can’t prove it. Keep in mind that at one point science classified both the panda and mountain gorilla as “mythological” creatures because there was no evidence. In addition to that, the fall of man changed a lot of things. The original intent could have been for us to be able to access genetic memories, but we may have lost most of that ability after or over time.

  • Trish

    I don’t think I’m dismissing any facts. A human isn’t a flatworm or any other species. Yes, human genes contain a lot of information, most of which we don’t know. But there just isn’t any scientific evidence that we have genetic ancestral memory at this time.

    As far as that experiment referred to in the first article, those psychologists admitted to using pharmacological triggers before they got into those isolation tanks. I don’t think they were accessing any primal memories, but they were definitely tripping.

    It just does us no good even if we did have genetic memories of our ancestors. After all, we can’t access them. If we could, why would we keep making the same dumb mistakes generation after generation? And why would we feel a need to write everything down, make maps, etc.?

  • Minister Fortson

    Actually, you’re dismissing lots of facts based on opinion. We know that genetic memory exists in many species, including worms. The debate is whether or not it exists in humans, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Our DNA is capable of storing vasts amounts of data and we are just now beginning to understand it. I wouldn’t discount it quite so easily. God is far more intelligent than we can even begin to imagine.

    If people were intended to live forever, we’d eventually fill up our brain with information. However, as a “back up storage” DNA runs throughout our entire body. We literally have an unlimited built in memory capacity, which I believe may have been the original intent.

  • Trish

    I don’t believe that we have lived past lives other than our pre-existence in heaven, nor do I believe in genetic memories of our ancestors’ lives. I do believe that demons play many tricks on us, and this past lives nonsense may be one of them.

  • Vic

    Many mysteries, I don’t think there is reincarnation, but as Chuck Missler suggested years ago
    we’re possibly living in a computer simulation…Evidence seems to be mounting for this theory as well, and it sounds very convincing as well…here’s a fairly new talk about this…I guess “The Matrix” movie wasn’t too far off in this theory as well.