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Angels, Demons, Nephilim Giants, and Other Cool Bible Stuff

"For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ." - Galatians 1:10

Animal Human Hybrids, Transhumanism, and The Bible

Do you know the link between animal human hybrids, transhumanism, and the Bible? For those of you that don’t, the video is posted below. The reason information like this is so important, is because of the direction in which science is headed. The current obsession with creating hybrids is directly tied to “the days of Noah”. Transhumanism was Satan’s lie in the garden, “ye shall be like gods”. This is a subject I go very deep into in my book, Beyond Flesh and Blood.

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Hybrids Among Us

Transhumanism and Genetic Armageddon

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  • Minister Fortson

    Thanks for posting your comments. A response has been posted here:

  • Minister Fortson


    You weren’t censored. I have not yet replied to your comment. I will get to it. Comments are not automatically approved on this site, due to many false doctrines people believe.

  • WarpLover

    Wow. I never expected to be censored. Instead, I had expected a thoughtful reply in the same manner as my thoughtful suggestion to you which was on the subject of female angels.

    Good Day

  • WarpLover

    God is androgynous. He created Adam in HIS image. Then He removed the female aspect and made the first female. When He created man He said “Let US make man in OUR image.”

    The angels were standing there witnessing the creation of man, and when He said OUR image, they all had the same image – androgynous.

    What I believe is that the male looking angels can appear as a female because they have that aspect within, but there are no female angels. As the NT tells us, they are not necessary because they are immortal and do not need to breed.

    So although they can look that way, they were not made that way. If you consider angels to be female, you must apply the same to Jesus, which of course is silly.

    Like you say, if you see a flaw in my reasoning, please let me know.

    (I am reading a second book that you authored, so I am not in opposition to your views).

  • Dear Minister Fortson,
    Hi I listened to your video on female angels in the Bible and I was wondering if Lady Wisdom is an angel or the feminine side of Christ? Could you let me know thanks

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  • Sir may God truly bless you for reveling the truth you won’t here this taught in bible study,it is sad the church today is a sleep or they truly serve the doctrine of demons. If the true church cared about their flock they would be teaching it. Jesus stated that if it were all possible even the elect would be fooled.My prayer has been Lord please do not allow me to be decieved.So thankyou and God Bless you Sir.Robert M Gammons

  • masazu

    @Minister Fortson
    thanks for your information iv’e been on this subject for a while i have always questioned genesis 6, and GOD revealed it to me in a dream earlier this year and iv’ e been studying this kind of stuff ever since. your video has helped expand my knowledge even more thanks alot keep up the good work