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Jack The Giant Slayer – A Christian Perspective

This weekend I had the chance to check out Jack The Giant Slayer in 3D (you have to see it in 3D), and it turned out to be a pretty good movie. For those of you that haven’t heard of the movie, it is a remake of an older movie based around the Jack and The Beanstalk tale. If you haven’t seen the movie, this is fair warning that there are spoilers ahead.

The Second Heaven

The place where the giants dwell isn’t referred to as the second heaven, but it is located between heaven and earth, which is what many people refer to as the 2nd Heaven. Where it gets interesting is how the realm of the giants was discovered to begin with.

Several monks were trying to reach heaven, so they enchanted beans that would grow and allow them to climb into heaven. Read Genesis 11 if you aren’t familiar with this theme already. On their way up to heaven, they encounter and are killed by the giants.

The giants then climb down from the “2nd Heaven” so they can kill and eat mankind. It is only when more monks forge a crown that allows them to control the giants, that they are stopped and forced to return to their home.

This is where Jack enters the story. He believes in giants and everyone else keeps telling him they are a myth. Long story short, another beanstalk grows and giants once again invade the earth.


I won’t go so far as to whip up some ridiculous Hollywood conspiracy theory, since this is based on a very old children’s story. However, I will point out a few things, some of which had never crossed my mind before seeing the movie.

The Second Heaven

I mentioned this above, but I’d never associated the place where the giants lived in the story, with the 2nd Heaven of the Bible until I saw this movie. With the exception of the giants, everything else looks exactly like earth.

Taste For Human Flesh

We’ve heard this many times, and the giants in this movie aren’t any different. They want eat humans just as much as the next guy. If you haven’t read Enoch or Jubilees, now might be a good time to check out those books.

Super Long Lifespans

Most of the giants in the movie were still alive from the first incursion mentioned at the beginning of the move. According to the movie, their first arrival happened so long ago, that the event had faded into mythology, which is why nobody believed the story. They don’t give an exact date, but it seems to be a few hundred years at minimum.

Three Separate Incursions

The movie is based around the premise that there were at least two invasions of giants on the earth. I won’t give away the ending, but it leaves room for a sequel involving a third incursion of giants in modern times. Hopefully, they follow through with a sequel because that would be interesting to see.


If you go see this movie, go see it in 3D. I hadn’t planned to see it in 3D, but that’s all they had, so I went with it. The technology has changed DRASTICALLY since the days of red and blue film over paper glasses. The amount of detail in the movie is insane. The ending is a bit anticlimactic and predictable even though its not based on the original story. Overall, I’d suggest checking it out. I enjoyed it because I love these types of movies.

If you’ve seen it and want to ring in with your opinion, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Minister Fortson


    Actually the writers pulled this from nursery rhymes. Almost all of it. Even the desire to eat human flesh. “I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.” Is part of the original story. Whether or not the original nursery rhyme was inspired by the Bible or other events, I have no idea. 99% of what comes out of Hollywood has no originality to it, and it usually taken from books.

  • Steve James

    I saw the movie but not in 3D. While watching it my thoughts were of the biblical Nephilim. How the giants in the movie came down from the beanstalk, and how they craved for human flesh. Makes me wonder did the writers of this movie pull ideas from the bible and cloak them in fantasy? I’ve enjoyed SciFi, fantasy, and even some horror movies since childhood. In most Christian circles my movie choices are definitely religiously incorrect, but I watch them with a different eye. Most times these movies reflect some type of mythology that I believe is based in reality. Truth is on boubt stranger than fiction.