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Arnold Murray and The Shepherd’s Chapel Deception – Part 2

Portions of Arnold Murray’s teachings include a very subtle form of racism, which his followers seem completely blind to. He teaches that the real Israelites came over the Caucus Mountains and became the Caucasians, eventually spreading to Brittan, America, and Canada. That’s not the racist part. The part that is racist is his take on the real Jews that are in Israel now. He believes that they are “Kenites”. According to Arnold Murray, Kenites descended from Cain, who is the son of the Devil. He is in fact teaching that the entire real Jewish race descended from Satan. Hitler also held this same belief and we saw how that turned out.

Further proof of Murray’s racist background can be found on his website. While reading his “Answer To Critics”, I ran across the following quote which comes directly from his website: “I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie. I do not know where some of these “researchers” came up with this. Roy Gillaspie was simply a beloved teacher of God’s Word and I have never said or implied any such thing.” Murray is very clever with his words, while he mentions that he never claimed to have received a doctorate from Gillaspie, he also DOES NOT deny it. He could have just plainly stated whether he did or not, but he avoided the question completely. Why is this important?

Who Is Roy Gillaspie?

I decided to look up Roy Gillaspie since Murray’s website refers to him as “a beloved teacher of God’s Word.” The following information about Gillaspie was gleaned from several websites:

“Roy E. Gillaspie was a minister for the Soldiers of the Cross and served as pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ in Bellflower, California. He taught Anglo-Israel theology and was head of the Open Bible Foundation. Gillaspie had close ties to the Christian Nationalist Party,  and he was the advisor for the Christian Defense League.” – The White Report

There are actually two Soldiers of The Cross Organizations. One that separates itself from both Murray and Gillaspie and another that trains Christian Identity leaders. The Christian Identity doctrine is well known as being very racist. Here is a brief list of the Christian Identity doctrine:

  • Europeans are the true Israelites.
  • Modern Jews are the seed of Satan.
  • Adam and Eve only gave birth to the white race.
  • All other races were created separate from Adam and Eve.
  • Only the white race has a s soul.

Let’s stop right there because Murray teaches all of the above. The last point he teaches in a very subtle form. The Bible is clear that Noah took “two of every kind on the ark”. Murray believes that this includes other races. However, according to 1 Peter 3:20, only eight souls were saved. Murray considers these souls to be Noah and his family (white males and females), which by the very nature of the doctrine means that the other races are not referred to as souls and are grouped with the beasts that were saved. That’s why it is so important to listen to exactly what is being said by the person claiming to teach the word of God.

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In conclusion, Murray admits that Gillaspie was “a beloved teacher of God’s Word.” Gillaspie held Christian Identity beliefs. Those beliefs consist of many racist views, but I’ve only listed five above, several more are:

  • Only whites were created in the image of God.
  • Interracial marriage is a sin against God.
  • Jews are genetically programmed to oppress Europeans.
  • Armageddon will consist of a race war against the Jews in Israel.

If Arnold Murray is not a racist, why does he refer to a racist as “a beloved teacher of God’s Word” and in addition, teach many of Gillaspie’s racist doctrines? I also want to point out that the above nine points cannot be backed by the Bible. In fact, they are in complete opposition to God’s word. I encourage anyone not following Murray to stay away from him and anyone that is following Murray to do some research and realize exactly who they are following.


If you know someone being affected by Murray and the false teachings coming from Shepherd’s Chapel, please share this series with them. If you run across a Murray disciple, feel free to see for yourself if what I say is true. Ask them about Ezekiel 13 and see if they quote Murray or if they quote scripture. Disagree with them enough to see if they mention “casting pearls before swine.” Shepherd’s Chapel is a cult and has exhibited extreme mind control over people that follow it. Do not be deceived by Murray’s claim to teach chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Anyone can read the Bible themselves. Below are resources for those that do not want to be deceived by this cult.




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Category: Rebuttals
  • Minister Fortson

    It’s not prejudice if it’s fact. Italy is part of Europe so how can you not include it? Maybe you need to do some research because you will find that the Black Israelites teach the same nonsense as you’re trying to tell me except they claim it applies to all white people from EUROPE. Maybe you should stop relying on false information and false targums to tell you what to believe. I’ve done the research and it’s pointless because Christ died for ALL mankind. Either someone has accepted Christ or they haven’t. For all I know you’re an Edomite. Can you prove through DNA testing that you aren’t?

  • Steph

    Google a map of North Western Europe.I’m certainly not including Italy.Your twisting to suit your own prejudices.

    Nobody implied that Esau wasn’t a descendant of Abraham but God hates Esau.

    God has stated that the Lord is at war with Amalek from generation to generation(a bible quote that you deleted)

    Exodus 17:16:
    16 For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

    Please do some research on these matters.

    John 7
    1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

    There were two tribes in Israel at this time.The Benjamites in Galilee and the Judahites infiltrated by the Edomites and run by Edomite Herod.

    Again please do your own research and don’t rely on the media,tradition and others to tell you what to believe.

  • Minister Fortson

    There are several things wrong with your argument. John 8:44 was completely taken out of context by you. Learn the difference between “Ek” and “Sperma” and don’t let the English mislead you. Stop ignoring scripture. Jesus clearly says they are the SEED (sperma) of Abraham, but you completely ignored that. That refers to physical relation. He then said “ye are OF (ek) your father the devil.” Ek denotes origin of actions and they were trying to kill Him. It’s hard to take it out of context if you refer to the Strong’s. Jesus also was NOT talking to all Jews. He was specifically talking to the Pharisees. Stop stripping the context and ignoring scripture.

    Europe has yeilded horrible fruit over the last 2,000 years. Rome persecuted Christians to the point of death. The Catholic Church and the Crusades. The Catholic Church bringing idolatry into the Church. Salem Witch Trials. Hitler. Stalin. Slavery. Apartheid. Segregation. Shall I continue? All of those people were from Europe. In fact, if you study most of the atrocities over the last 2,000 years, the majority come from Europe. Not Africans, not Asians, not South America, not Native Americans, but Europeans. Up until the 1960s minorities and women weren’t even given most of their rights as human beings. All at the hands of Europeans. You should really do some more research and stop relying on people to tell you what to believe.

  • Steph

    On the subject of Edom in modern day Jewry.

    “John Hyrcanus conquered the whole of Edom and undertook the forced conversion of its inhabitants to Judaism (Joseph., Ant. XIII, 9, 1). Thenceforth the Edomites became a section of the Jewish people.” (Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 6, (1971), p. 378; The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1977), p. 589).

    According to I Maccabees 5:3-8, the nation of Edom (Idumea) ceased to be in 126 BC when John Hyrcanus completed the conquest began in 163 BC by Judas Maccabeus, forcing the Edomites to be circumcised. According to Josephus – thereafter these Edomites were considered nothing other than Judeans. So Edom was simply absorbed into Judea.

    John 8:44

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.

    The theory of the remaining tribes from North West Europe is still an interesting one,and no I haven’t conducted DNA tests.
    What nations have born more fruit over the last 2000 years?
    The last 100 years have been forgettable but there’s good reason for that.(see Edom)

    Matthew 7

    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit

  • Minister Fortson

    Just because an Encyclopedia makes a claim doesn’t mean it’s true. Anyone can write a book just like anyone can post on the Internet. British Israelists usually teach their twisted version of events without any actual evidence. Can you prove through DNA testing which people in Israel are from Jacob and which are from Esau? No, neither you nor anyone else can do so. So it falls into the realm of speculations, accusations, and if you’re wrong, false witness, and denying God’s people. If you take the Bible at face value, you’d realize that the Jews were Middle Eastern and African. Iraq is not full of white people, but that’s where Babylon was and where Abraham came from. Egypt was not full of white people, but that’s where Joseph, his brothers, and their families lived for 430 years. Modern Israel and Palestine are not filled with white people, yet that is the land they occupied before the Babylonian captivity. Trying to equate the real Israelites with white Europeans is a false doctrine and completely ignores both the Bible and actual history. Ethiopia, which is a very Christian country still has major ties to Judaism through Solomon and Sheba. Please do some research and don’t believe things just because one source says so and just because others that follow that one source says so, unless it’s the Bible. You should do some research on where Magog is. God promised to gather His people out of ALL countries, so saying that real Jews come from one place or another is a false line of thinking. They were scattered after the captivity.

  • Steph

    I could care less who Arnold Murray is but some of the subjects written of here are really interesting and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

    Have a very close look at those claiming to be Jews today.The 1925 Jewish Encyclopaedia, states of the existence of Ashkenazi Jews from Khazar(who represent approximately 90% of so-called world Jewry), with the startling admission that the so called enemy of the Jews, Esau (also known as Edom, see Genesis 36:1), now actually represents the Jewish race, when on page 42 of Volume V it is stated,
    “Edom is in modern Jewry.”

    Revelation 2
    9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    The Ashkenazis originate from Gog from the land of Magog.Read the book of Obediah for Edomite prophecies.

    God dispersed the northern ten tribes throughout the world and will bring them back together when Jesus returns.

    “But, the Lord liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out
    of the North Country, and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall
    dwell in their own land.” (JEREMIAH 23:5-8)

    “In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel, and they shall
    come together OUT OF THE LAND OF THE NORTH to the land that I have given for an
    inheritance unto your fathers.” (Jeremiah 3:18)

    There’s actually quite a convincing argument that they settled predominantly in the various countries of North Western Europe and yes these are white people.These people have been most prominant in worship to Jesus Christ throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, Canada,America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and elsewhere in the world.