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Will Peter Turkson Be The Final Pope?

Peter Turkson

Peter Turkson

A few days ago I posted about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in an article titled, Pope Benedict XVI To Resign – Is Petrus Romanus Next?

It wasn’t until yesterday that I really started considering what we have before us. And yes, I’m probably way late putting 2 and 2 together. We have a prophecy given to a monk (St. Malachy) in seclusion, which predicted that Pope Benedict XVI would be the second to the last Pope, and the final Pope would be named Peter. Cardinal Peter Turkson is from Ghana, but if elected Pope, his residence would change to Rome, thus making him “Peter The Roman” as predicted by St. Malachy.

Whether or not you believe St. Malachy was inspired, the fact that he has accurately predicted that last 112 Popes does deserve some consideration. I’m still not sure if I believe he was inspired or not, and I’ve been pondering that question since early 2000 when I first learned of the prophecy.

“Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.” – St. Malachy

When the last Pope was elected, there was a big fuss about whether or not Peter Turkson would be selected, but he wasn’t. Could it be because it wasn’t his time to fill the position? Again, I’m not saying that this prophecy is 100% accurate, but it sure is interesting at the least. Please ring in and share your thoughts and opinions on this one.

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  • I believe Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines might be the next pope. He is young, outspoken on many issues troubling the Catholic church today, he is current and internet savvy with many followers, he is charismatic and well liked by many. If the enemy is going to mimic Christ he to will come out of the east. I believe the prophecy “feed the flock” means there will be a remnant saved. The Philippines is the idol capital of the world. Consider that those islands form the shape of a nephilim. The body is clearly visible. The head, out stretched arm, genital, back bone and organ cavities. Singapore’s harbor is facing it and it has been designed in the shape of the female reproductive organ. Singapore has become the new financial capital of the world. We are looking at the front door but the enemy is sneaking in at the back door. I too have come to the same conclusions in your days of Noah book and have been teaching on a for some years now. It is a difficult subject to begin to teach because people have a very narrow view of the bible. I am nervous when I bring up the subject for the first time in a teaching. I am greatly encouraged. Thank you for being so outspoken.

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  • Minister Fortson

    I personally don’t think it was Horn’s book that made people aware of it. I’ve heard many people talking about it since the late 90s and first became aware of it myself in high school. It will be interesting to see how this plays out though.

  • Minister Fortson

    The Mayan prophecy was blown drastically out of proportion by the media. The real implications of that particular prophecy were spiritual, not the destruction of the world. I’m a skeptic of most things myself, but the Malachy prophecy is pretty interesting.

  • BlackManINC

    I’m always suspicious of anything claiming to be prophecy that didn’t originate from the Bible, like the Mayan Oreo cookie of doom, however, their might be something to this. Many people think that the Biblical prophecy of the false prophet spoken of specifically in the book of Revelation may be whoever the ‘last Pope’ will turn out to be.

  • Doug

    I was brought up Catholic and was aware of this prophecy many years before it went main stream with Tom Horn’s book Petrus Romanus. I also thought Peter Turkson would be the obvious choice as his name is Peter and he would be in a position to “feed the sheep”. Starving nations in Africa? We really have to wait and see if the conclave elects a man whose name is something other than Peter but chooses to take the name Peter as part of his pontificate title. There are also Coat of arms that are part of the Popes history which they choose early in their priesthoods that could tie them to Peter. Malachy didn’t always name the Pope directly but sometimes used symbols or events to describe the Pope and like much of prophecy it was not evident until sometime later. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  • Minister Fortson

    Let’s assume that it was forged. It was still forged before the last pope (Benedict XIV) and before John Paul II. That can be proven because it appears in books published before then.

  • 8manAfter

    Minister Fortson,

    I myself am not entirely certain what to make of the prophecy, but the question came up today at my workplace as to who will be the next Pope. Most of my coworkers are not believers in Christ (I’m working on it though!), and as such, they come up with some strange questions in regards to things like this.

    They ask: “If this prophecy is so well known in the Catholic Church and if the church is also aware that a part of the world is holding their breath to see if the next Pope has a name that even remotely resembles or could mean “Peter”, don’t you think the Catholic Church would avoid such a thing happening at all cost?”

    Dante, I did not know how to respond to that!

    They also ask how do we know for a fact that the prophecy from St. Malachy is genuine and that it was accurately translated? They actually asked me if I can prove this prophecy actually exist as opposed to it just suddenly showing up after the facts. I think they are all insane because they absolutely trust nothing that is over 100 years old because it can be easily forged as they put it!



  • Richard A.

    Thought it interesting that a secular political site that I frequent had an article about this subject on Thursday. they hold to a position that the world is manipulated by a political elite. The article points out that these elite powers are quite aware of the Malachy prophesy and Christian prophesy in general and might just manipulate the process to have Turkson elected as a means of controlling the narrative to their advantage. It kind of makes sense that the opposition would approach things in this way, otherwise why would they play into the just do what is clearly and publicly stated in Christian prophesy? It is certainly an interesting take on things especially coming from a secular source. If you wany to check it out, google “The Daily Bell”.