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Prayer Request From A Reader

Dear Dante,

I come to you today with a special prayer request! I actually have two requests today. First my cousin Tessie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery in two weeks,next my younger son who is a non believer has three sons,the middle sons best friend six years old Justin has leukemia as well as an inoperable blot clot in the brain,it brings me great joy that he would ask me to pray for him as this shows that he is starting to open up to the Lord, so please pray for a miracle healing as this may be the extra nudge that brings my son as well as the other boys parents into the body of Christ,not to mention the life of one of God’s precious children hangs in the balance. This could well bring numerous people who I have grieved over the fear that they were lost into the fold, so if possible I would appreciate you putting this onto any prayer lists, any churches etc that you know of, as well as your personal prayers.Thank you so much and I am sorry to have to bring such sadness into the fold today but felt spirit led to do so.

God bless. Randy

God Bless America! And keep up the good fight!

Randall Phillips

I would like to ask everyone to pray for Randall and his family, as well as offer the opportunity to anyone else that needs prayer to send me an email. I’ll post the prayer requests online every Sunday if I have any, and prayerfully there are people that read this site that are willing to take just a few seconds out of the day to intercede on behalf of those that need it. If you know anybody that is willing to pray for other people, please invite them to sign up on the site. I’m sure those in need would appreciate any extra prayers that they can get.

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