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Top 4 False Teachings of Arnold Murray and Shepherds Chapel

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a lot of hate mail from his cult members. I figured I’d post a mass reply to all of his members that have contacted me. Unfortunately, it seems that they don’t read the Bible for themselves, and only rely on Arnold Murray’s teaching. Acts 17:11 is what I suggest for anyone listening to Arnold Murray’s false teachings.

False Teaching #1 – The Fly Away Doctrine

Arnold Murray falsely presents the Rapture theory as if everyone that believes in the Rapture are all in agreement that it will occur Pre-Tribulation. This is 100% false. There are four theories on the Rapture, and only one that teaches an escape before the Antichrist comes.

Message To His Members: Stop assuming that everyone is Pre-Tribulation. Learn the four different Rapture views before sending a long email that doesn’t even apply to what I personally believe. Also, when you quote Ezekiel 13:18-23, stop quoting Arnold Murray word for word. You sound like brainwashed cult members. Quote the Bible word for word. Ezekiel 13:18-23 DOES NOT say “I am against those that teach my children to fly to safety”. Read it for yourself and write it word for word.

False Teaching #2 – The Serpent Seed Doctrine

I’m well aware of this false doctrine. I’m also well aware that Arnold Murray ignores several things about scripture concerning John 8. He ignores John 8:37 which clearly says these same Pharisees in John 8:44 are the “seed” (sperma) of Abraham. He is not talking about spiritually. This word refers to literal descendants. In John 8:44, He says they are “of “ their father the devil. This word is “ek”, which refers to the origin of one’s actions. Their actions were that they were trying to kill Him. Arnold Murray talks so much about Strong’s Concordance, but fails to use it when it doesn’t fit his scripture twisting. Again, I invite you to get my book, Serpent Seed: Debunked.

False Teaching #3 – The Flood

Arnold Murray falsely teaches that multiple races survived the flood, when the Bible is clear that only eight people survived. Noah (1), Shem (2), Ham (3), Japheth (4), and their four wives (8). Before you send me a long winded email about his teaching on the multiple Adam’s, please include the Strong’s Number to the reference of the 8th day creation. The Bible verse would be nice too. If you don’t have it, don’t waste your time sending me something I’ve read before.

False Teaching #4 – 1st Earth Age

I believe angels existed before humans, but I do not believe that angels are humans or vice versa. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we lived in an age before this, but had to be born as humans in order to repeat the entire process. Show me in the Bible if you want to make that argument. Arnold Murray is not scripture, so I won’t accept any quotes from him. If you want to debate the issue, use a word for word Bible verse. If you can’t use the Bible to back what you claim is scripture, you are not using scripture.

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Message To His Members: Nobody is above correction with scripture. Arnold Murray is not God, so please don’t email me asking why I’m pointing out his false teachings. Its simple, I’m pointing them out so new Christians will not be deceived. When you get to the heart of what Arnold Murray believes, its really very unbiblical. He believes Eve had sex with Lucifer, there were multiple Adams, we had to be re-born in human bodies (reincarnation), more than eight people survived the flood, the Jews in Israel are the seed of the devil, and only the white race is chosen. He constantly refers to anyone that teaches anything different than him as a false teacher, yet his followers get mad when he is referred to as such. Study to show thyself approved.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone that sent emails stating that you understood the point I was making about the word “fornication”. I was not giving anyone a license to go out and have sex with whoever you want. I was specifically addressing the spiritual implications of the word itself. If you feel conviction of the Spirit to not do something, don’t do it. Paul said that all things are lawful for him to do but not beneficial. I have my faults like anyone else, and having a title doesn’t exempt me from my temptations. Even Christ was tempted. I just want to make sure that everyone understands that my position has been and always will be, take it up with God. I don’t believe that any sin is higher than any other sin, and since none of us are sinless, we should not be so caught up on specific sin issues, but the spreading of the Gospel of forgiveness through Christ.

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As the world becomes more and more obsessed with the spiritual realm, supernatural activity is increasing. Thankfully there is someone that is more powerful than any ghost, vampire, demon, alien, or UFO. “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” – Philipians 2:9-11

If you don’t know Him, Get to know Him.

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  • Minister Fortson

    Arnold Murray is wrong. Those two seeds apply to the future. If Cain was Satan’s son, why did he kill Abel, when the prophecy clearly says that the seed of the woman would win? I guess Murray forgot that little detail. Furthermore, Genesis 4:1 destroys the theory. If you want to deny that verse in the Bible, you might as well deny every other verse in the Bible.

    Adam’s genealogy starts in Genesis 4 and continues through 5. So maybe you should pick up a Bible and please stop quoting Murray word for word. All of his followers make the same argument word for word because they are brainwashed.

    I don’t teach a pretribulation rapture, so again, you may want to learn before you speak. So you may want to ask pre-tribulation rapture questions to someone that believes in it. Oh, but before you do, please do some actual research on the rapture because Murray has no clue what he’s talking about as usual.

  • james

    Arnold Murray is right. Gen 3:15 god tells the serpent(Satan) i will put entity between thy seed and eves seed. Why would he do this unless satans seed was joined with eves? Also Cain is not mentioned in Adams genealogy in chapter 5 why is this? Because Cains father is satan not Adam Also I cor 15:52 happens at the LAST TRUMP, last means that there are no more trumps that follow.So if I thess 4 means a pretrib rapture, then what trump is sounded when Jesus returns to set up his earthly kingdom? In John 17:15 Jesus prays to his father not to take his children out of this world but to keep them from the evil. (Has not praying for a rapture!)

  • Glenn Condrey

    Many people are confused about the End of Days, because their churches teach falsehoods.
    Pastor Murray does teach one or two truths, but he has so many errors in other areas of teaching as to be laughable.
    Pastor Doug Batchelor gives a great video account as to what happens below…
    It is a must see for today’s world.

  • Minister Fortson

    Like most Arnold Murray followers, you have no idea what you are talking about. Your cult is always talking about the Pre-Trib rapture, but I don’t believe in a Pre-Trib rapture. Do some research and you’ll see that there are 4 different Rapture teachings. 3 of the teachings put the catching up of believers after the AC is already here. Arnold Murray is a liar or he would teach the truth about the different Rapture beliefs. So your cults constant ignorance of saying ,”the Antichrist comes first” only echoes the stupidity of Arnold Murray. I know the AC comes first. 75% of the rapture views teach that the AC comes first. Unfortunately, none of you do much studying or you wouldn’t be following Arnold Murray to begin with. By the way, ask yourself, if there is no Rapture, why does Arnold Murray teach that we will be caught up and changed after the Tribulation? To those that study, it is called the Pre-Wrath Rapture viewpoint. So while he claims there is no Rapture, he teaches one of the 4 views. LOL

  • Ted

    There is no rapture. At least not the way the Christian church of today defines it. Those who are taken away, according to Scripture, are those who are “the wicked and the treacherous” (Prov. 2.21-22). The tares and chaff will fly away on the wind and be burned. The wheat (righteous) will remain to rule and reign over the nations with Him.