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Americans Against Gun Free Zones

Due to the recent mass shootings, gun free zones have come under fire (pun intended). For some reason, people with a brain can see that gun free zones attract mass murderers with guns, but people without a brain can’t seem to process it.

As many of you know, and some of you may not know, I am pro gun. I’m a gun owner, my grandfather was a gun owner, my uncle was a gun owner,  my mom is a gun owner, and most of my friends are gun owners.

In an attempt to cut down on some of the politics already on this site, I launched a new website to tackle the issue of gun education, gun ownership, and gun free zones. If you are interested, there are two ways to visit the new website:

There are already several articles posted there and tons of other information, including last night’s gun debate with Piers Morgan. Other articles and pages that may interest you as well are:

If the issue of gun control is important to you, please feel free to take a look at the new site and leave comments.

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  • Minister Fortson

    Romney already banned guns in MA. They still look exactly the same to me. Unlike Republicans, I didn’t dismiss history. Romney has been leading the charge for gun control since Bush was in office. Just because he verbally changed his stance to get your vote, doesn’t mean a thing to me. Again, he already got a gun ban passed in MA. Obama is just playing catch up to Romney right now.

  • john

    After King Obama’s latest threat to rule by decree on gun control. Romney ain’t looking so bad now eh?

  • Scott.

    May the Blood Of Yashua be in you.
    Everything You have said above about the recent attack on firearms ownership is true to the best of my reading.It seems our government is terrified of it’s own people and are preparing to commence with a “New Deal” Part 2 with confiscations of IRA’s and Life Savings following firearms confiscation. Possible re locations for “debtors” (all of us who are forced to use the dollar).

    There is a chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.