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Month: July 2017

Shadow Conference (Online) – Sign Up Now

Shadow Conference (Online) – Sign Up Now

Introducing Shadow Conference. The most secretive and outside of the box online fringe Christian conference in existence. We fearlessly take on the topics even the most fringe researchers are scared to touch. The theme for this conference is centered around Alien and UFO Disclosure. We're going beyond the same old Christian UFO topics and skipping straight to the hardcore stuff. There is no doubt in the minds of many that fallen angels have been toying with mankind by posing as the various gods of mythology in the past, and are now posing as extraterrestrials in modern times. But what is their end game? Are human women being specially selected for abduction, rape, and impregnation as it was in the days of Noah? Are nephilim being genetically altered to look like regular huma...

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